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Fairmont Vacation 2015 – Day 2

February 21, 2015

There is a surprising number of things you can do when you have a nice big place to stay, and you’re at Fairmont! Today we decided to take it easy and do whatever comes up, let everyone sleep in if they want, and see how the day goes.

A couple of highlights from today included spending some time at the Recreation Centre. This is one of the buildings at Fairmont where there is a fitness centre, swimming pool, hot tub, games room, small store, lots of things to do.

We played a couple of games of pool – none of us are very skilled in this area, but it was a lot of fun. Some of those balls just did not want to go into the pocket, however that white ball found it’s way into the pockets way more than we would have preferred! Still a good time to spend together.

There is also a nice shuffleboard, so we played a number of games of shuffleboard. What a crazy game! It took us a while to get the hang of throwing the pucks down and NOT having them go off the end, but ultimately it worked.

If you didn’t already know, our family is quite into board games, and this trip is going to be no exception! Today we enjoyed a lot of Phase 10. Yes, it’s a crazy card game where you have to collect sets of cards or runs of cards and play them in the right time. Lowest score wins, and there are 10 phases. What a blast!! Sometimes you would go out really fast while everyone is busy counting their cards, and other times it seemed like forever until you had the cards you needed! Ultimately I think Katherine won, good for her!

We also had a bit of Dutch Blitz going. This is a particularly fast card game where you are playing cards as fast as you can, trying to get rid of the pile in front of you and in your hand. The first player to get rid of their pile yells “Blitz” and everyone else starts counting. It’s crazy fast, and sometimes not quite fair to Josh. So we modified the rules a bit, while the rest of us had 10 cards in our pile to eliminate, Josh had 5. And sometimes we would play left handed to slow us down too. Crazy fun, laughing as we’re trying to be ambidextrous, and not having a lot of success! Did you know there is an expansion for Dutch Blitz so you can have up to 8 people playing?? That sounds insane! Can’t wait to try it.

We finished off our day with a visit to Fairmont Hot Springs pools. Yes it is a hot springs, and yes there are a lot of people. I know many of you will tell me, seen one hot spring pool, seen them all.

Well, I politely disagree. The Fairmont Hot Springs has a very nice, very hot pool, but connected is also a very very large, warm pool, and diving tank. Unlike your typical swimming pool, which can be quite cold, this large pool is warm – not HOT, just warm. It’s a huge place to play in the water swimming, and goofing around, instead of just sitting, stationary, soaking in the hot water. Much more family friendly, as both pools are connected, you can see everything at once. I’m not really a sit in a hot pool for two hours kind of person, but I’m happy to goof around in a regular pool with Josh. So we had the best of both worlds for our family. It is a little on the pricey side, we went for the last 90 minutes before closing, which is only $6 per person. Otherwise, you’re looking at about $12 per person for a single entry.

This is well worth the trip, and the walk from the change rooms to the pools is not very far, so you can make it without having a heart attack from the cold air.

And of course an evening that ends with a visit to the hot pools, tends to help everyone to sleep well too! Looking forward to tomorrow – skiing in Panorama!


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