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Fairmont Vacation 2015 – Day 1

February 20, 2015

Good day everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about some family events and goings on, and what better time to restart than a family vacation! I know, I can hear the groans and whining and complaining already! Have no fear, I’m not going to bring out the slide projector and all the slides – some upside down, some sideways. Nope, just some quick memories, maybe a handful of pictures.

Don’t forget, you can always close this window and go onto something else!;)

So to start, a huge thank you to my parents (Laurie and Char Kennedy). They have a timeshare in Fairmont and they very graciously gave us a week! In case you haven’t done this before, they have a gorgeous timeshare location! It consists of two attached apartments, each with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. Plenty of room. All the dishes are provided, four different TV’s, fireplace, BBQ, and great views! More later. It’s a great way to spend some time away. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Onto Day 1. Our first day is really mostly a travel day. And when you think that you’ll be spending 4-5 hours on the road, you are likely thinking “Oh no.” But this 4-5 hours is really different, as you are in the mountains just about the whole time! Leaving Strathmore you can see the mountains in the distance, and you keep getting closer and closer! The mountains look incredible from an hour’s drive away, but as you approach, their majesty completely fills your view!

The weather has been gorgeous for the week leading up, so the highways are dry, very little snow, and overall a pretty easy drive.

Vehicle is packed with everything we need for a week, including food and activities. Oreo has gone to his vacation home at Eagle Lake Boarding Kennels. By the way, just a shout out to them. They are a fantastic place for your dog to stay while you are away. They make sure the dogs are socialized, they walk them a lot, they play with them a lot, and they even make videos of the dogs outside and post to Facebook, so when you’re wondering how your dog is doing, you go to Facebook and you can see a video, usually from the same day! Thanks Kim and everyone at Eagle Lake!

First stop – Costco. I know, you’re like “Why are you mentioning Costco?” Because they have the best pricing on ski tickets. We’re thinking of a couple of skiing days at Panorama, and the best price going is at Costco. So we stop at the Costco just off Stoney Trail in NW Calgary. Wow! It was crazy busy, and we were just getting tickets – but when is Costco not busy?

Next stop – Banff National Park gates. One year-long Discovery family pass later (About $140), we are in the park. And we pretty much drive non-stop all the way to Fairmont. Some people are sleeping in our vehicle, some are watching movies. All we can hear from the back is Josh laughing and giggling while watching Mr. Bean movies. They take on a whole new meaning when you hear the 11 year old laughing his head off!

After a beautiful drive, through the mountains, through Radium, Invermere, we finally arrive at Fairmont. Check into our beautiful suite, and let the vacationing begin!

Honestly besides the drive, Rhonda cooked a nice supper, we got settled in, played some games, went swimming, and we all went to bed pretty exhausted, but happy to be together on vacation!


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