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JTC – Supernet Direct

November 27, 2014

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Full Disclosure – These are Todd’s notes, many taken from slides presented. School Technology Branch folks were present, as was Service Alberta and Cybera.

Supernet Direct – Dave Hauschildt

Services happening over SuperNet Direct

  • Extranet
  • PASI
  • SLA/Quest A+
  • Website
  • LearnAlberta
  • Any future service that Alberta Education puts in their subnet will be available via SuperNet Direct

Technical Stuff

  • Architecture MPLS VLANs using NAT and NAPT
  • Security – ensuring that connections can only be initiated from end users within an MPLS VPN towards the shared application and not from the shared application towards the users. Ensuring that end users in different MPLS VPNs are kept hidden from each other since only addresses of the shared application/resource are advertised to the end users within the MPLS VPNs. Ensuring that end users addressing is hidden from all shared applications.
  • Aren’t we just moving the bottleneck around? Well it removes the Internet bottleneck, as schools can go directly out.
  • QOS – not currently, cost didn’t make sense in the current model. Keeping an eye on it, but not seeing the need or value at this point.

Current Deployment

  • Proof of Concept – Golden Hills, Calgary Catholic, Rockyview, Northern Lights, Northern Gateway
  • No cost to use SuperNet Direct, just continue to purchase your own bandwidth.
  • Added SLA Pilot (full subnet) FFCA, Prairie Rose, Peace Wapiti, Fort Vermillion, Lethbridge Public

What we heard from Pilot Sites:

  • Overall transition went seamlessly and with little work required from IT in districts
  • Working with Axia to smooth out the process for coming on board
  • Way to test that school through SN Direct
  • Added IP echo page for testing:
  • Still looking at BW measurement testing tool

When can everyone else get on?

Dave asked if everyone else wanted to get connected, and virtually every hand in the room went up. No one is required to get onto SuperNet Direct, but it is encouraged.

Does everyone have to use it? No, but certainly would like to see everyone use the service for their SLA pilots in the Fall.


  • Would like to start connecting school jurisdictions in January
  • Approximately 20 jurisdictions every two months
  • Alberta Education will be setting up a registration site asking jurisdictions how they want to connect, how many schools, etc.
  • Axia will contact jurisdictions about cutover plans

Any questions through December 1, go to:

Here’s a Service Alberta Update with Erwin and Holly (was not part of the original agenda, but here we go!)

The Future of SuperNet
The Path Forward

ServiceAlberta is working with Deloitte on this project moving forward. (Ken McKnight presenting)

Three strategic objectives for the SuperNet program

  1. Become the network of choice
  2. Improve access to online public sector programs, etc.
  3. Leverage the government’s investment to ensure all Alberta has access.

We are currently extracting key business and technical requirements which will be validated with your group in January 2015

  1. Extracting Requirements – key business requirements, key technical requirements
  2. Validation Mechanisms – group sessions, one to one sessions, online surveys, telephone interviews
  3. Objective – Validation of key business and technical requirements in the January 2015 timeframe

January 2015 will be requirements validation

  1. Requirements Validation (Jan 2015)
  2. JSP Phase 1 Pre-qualification
  3. JSP Phase 2 Confidential Meetings
  4. JSP Phase 3 Request for Proposals

All part of the Rural Internet Broadband Strategy (RIBS)

The detailed future strategy and timelines are currently being determined by Service Alberta

Any further questions, contact Dave:

Dave Hauschildt
School Technology Branch


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