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JTC Event – SLA Feedback

November 27, 2014

Masthead d

2014 Grade 3 Pilot Administration
Student Learning Assessment Feedback
Sean Wells presenting

Sean briefly gave us some background, reminding us of why we started the SLA process in the first place. Administration of the exams was September 29 to October 24, although Sean suggested that the Ministry would likely shrink that window in future years.

Feedback has been and continues to be gathered about the SLA for the purpose of improving the system. Sean reminded us this was a first time run, so we’ll continue to build capacity, and make improvements. Remember this was a pilot, and it was intended to be a pilot. In hindsight, should likely have limited the pilot, virtually everyone participated. We don’t know what will happen with grade six, that will have to be part of the conversation. Some feedback received included:

  • Setup was onerous
  • Getting access the day prior to the exam starting was challenging
  • Many principals spent the first part of the first Monday printing and photocopying…
  • Window of Time for examination – it’s important to be appropriately sized.
  • Challenges in getting groups of teachers together to collaboratively mark

Sean asked for feedback to We then spent about 10-20 minutes filling out some feedback, specific to our jurisdiction experience from the SLA pilot.

Next we had some open group discussion about the challenges and successes of the SLA pilot. Lots of interesting comments around the room. Too much to mention here.

This was essentially a feedback session and discussion around SLA’s. No new news yet, or word on the results yet, but still a worthwhile conversation this morning.


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