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Power Play – Patrick Robinson

October 8, 2014

Today’s book: Power Play by Patrick Robinson
Published in 2012 by Vanguard Press
Location: Todd’s Library


A number of years ago I picked up Patrick Robinson’s Nimitz Class. I enjoyed it, it went onto the shelf, and I promptly completely forgot about Patrick Robinson. (I am a huge fan of naval fiction, especially submariner stories!)

Recently I came across his book, Power Play. I saw his name, and I thought “I think I’ve read one of his before, and I think I liked it.” So I picked it up.

Gotta say, I was riveted from when I started reading until the very end. The details that Patrick uses to describe his characters, the situation, the background, is so intense that it is easy to believe, and you begin to relate with the story and the characters with great ease.

Power Play is a not-too-distant future mystery that begins with spying and intrigue, moves into military planning and politic’ing and finishing with a dazzling “con” that seems so incredible that it is entirely believable. It is a continuation of cold war fiction that survives into the future and Russia decides to do a pre-emptive, surgical nuclear strike, and the rest of the story continues with how the United States responds, especially given the draw-down of the United Kingdom’s military might.

The book reads as one continuous story, but it is actually a number of stories following each other. The key characters change, the type of action and intrigue is evolving, and the plot knife’s it’s way through the pages, leading the reader on an adventure full of twists and turns.

Mr. Robinson has just enough current-real-world detail that the story seems almost plausible, as if it could’ve happened already, and we never knew. Of course it definitely leans toward an all-knowing, all-caring, never to do anything wrong United States versus the backwards, always conniving Russians. But it’s fun. It’s fanciful. It’s an excellent story.

Patrick, I will be on the lookout for more of your books! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!


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