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ISTE 2014 – Hide your wallets, it’s gadget time!

July 1, 2014

These are my notes from the various sessions and conversations and activities at the ISTE 2014 conference in Atlanta

Leslie is always an interesting presenter, but she really outdid herself today! Incredible amount of audience interaction, and lots of really interesting ideas. Thanks Leslie for putting this all together!

Leslie Fisher

Digital Cameras, etc.
Has a bunch of cameras in it, and stitches them all together to make a video. Can even get it with smoke, etc. stuff. Not released yet.

iPevo Interactive Whiteboard
Transforms any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. Costs $149. Can control software shown on screen as well.

Uses the electrical activity of your muscles to control inputs. It’s an armband. Going to be out shortly. $149, late 2014 availability

Wearable Fitness
Fitbit, Pebble Steel

HAPPIFork: Keeps track of your eating habit pace, tie, etc and alters you when things are going wrong. If you’re eating too fast, it shakes the food off the fork.

Google Glass
standalone or can be added onto existing frames. HUD of everything from driving directions, Google plus, Twitter, Video, photo taking and more. Release in 2014, maybe. Still very expensive, but very cool.

Android Wear
Lots of devices coming out shortly.

Some print ads, locations, will display an icon.
Can take a picture of something, and attach a video to it.

App to automatically translate words from a sign into other languages. Totally free with all the language packs.

Guinness Book of World Records 2014
Includes an app and will do augmented reality for about 30% of the pages.

4D Anatomy App
From a single printed page, you get a 4D replica of the human body or portions of it.

Periodic Table of Elements
Elements 4D -> Download paper blocks, and then using the App you get a 3D representation of the element. Can even join blocks together to see what happens, ie. Hydrogen and Oxygen. Very, very cool.

Download black and white pages, and colour them. Use an App called ColAR app. Then using the app, it generates a 3D picture of the page you just coloured with crayons.

AR Flash Cards

Pixel Press
Design a video game on paper pages. Available for free.
Run the app to play the video game you designed. Hold the iPad over the drawing, and it’s like playing super mario bros on your drawing.

Gravity Light
Add a bag of sand to the hook and watch it gently lower. As it lowers, watch the light go on providing light.

30 minutes of play can provide power for an LED light for 3 hours. Can charge your device. $99 kickstarter. Also have a jump rope.

Moore’s Cloud
Holiday Lights. App lets you change the colours, of any light, altogether or individually.
World’s smartest Christmas lights

Maker Faire
Stuff you make and share. MakerBox Replicator – $1799 – $2299. Fastest 3D printer on the market. Make your own 3D file or download one at

Even printing “food”

3D Doodler
3D pen that spits out heated ink.
$99 for pen and ink

Gaming online, interacting. We had over 320 people in the game!

Livescribe Pen
New version 3. Has bluetooth. And app on iPad. Will do text recognition on the note. Can record the note, and will sync the audio. Share it all direct to mail, print, Evernote, etc. Price is $149, as most of functionality has been moved to the iPad.
Go to the site, do the search, shorten it, and then send the link…



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