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ISTE 2014 – Google Spreadsheets and Forms in the 1:1 Classroom

July 1, 2014

These are my notes from the various sessions and conversations and activities at the ISTE 2014 conference in Atlanta

Tammy Worcester Tang


Tammy demonstrated how to use the border tool to make an index card and then insert a graphic. Super simple, super quick.

Lesson Plan Template
Tammy created an entire lesson plan for each week on a google sheet, and then just added rows for future days.

If you want to share the lesson plan, but not EVERYTHING, then create a new sheet, put some formula’s in to pull the information from one page to another, and then publish the sheet to everyone. She just publishes the original sheet, but it was recently changed so the option is only available to publish the entire sheet. (Unless you use an older sheet, in which case you can publish just the sheet.

AND embed it into your webpage, so that it’s always updated to the web!

Random Generator
Using Google Sheets and Add-ons, you can add a random generator to your sheet! Insert a random generator, say a letter between A-H and generate a random letter. Can also use numbers and other stuff.

Virtual Copy Machine
Can share your sheet to “anyone with the link” and then set to “Can View”.
Save and then you have a link. If you go to that address, you’ll get the document, but all of the menus will be grayed out. And then normally you would go to the file menu and make a copy. However that can be complicated.

There is a better option:
Use the URL shortener. But go to the address, and add “&newcopy” to the URL. Then the student can do it right away.

FYI – only works on sheets, not on docs, or presentations.

Google Spreadsheets for Student Organization
Student Class Notebook Template
Uses different sheets as dividers for the notebook. Can track assignments for the whole year. Tab for Journal -> If you want journal entries. Tab for Class notes. Students would have everything in one place, and always available on any computer!

Google Forms
Looks complicated, but very easy to work with, and you don’t need to use everything.
Really, make sure you have a name, and then just ask questions.
Responses are always secret unless you want to share.
Typically asks First name and Last name as first two questions.
* note you can add video and image to the questions too.

What if you wanted to look at the responses on a map? Select all the data, copy the information.

Got to

And voila, you have a map! And it shows some detail on each map. Batch GEO will send you code to embed it, a URL to look it up, etc.

Tammy reminded us that if you choose show summary of responses, you automatically get an aggregate of the data! Really helpful for multiple choice, or check box question.

Todd’s note: Tammy was really adept at zooming in and out on the fly to show something specific.

Self-Check Quizzes
Check Tammy’s templates for self-checking quizzes.

Also has a Whiz Kid template for asking questions, and finding out who was first, and more! Easy “clear” button to ask more questions.

Tammy could have easily filled a couple of hours with all of her incredible content. She showed us a number of google templates that she has created that everyone can use just for free and adapt as much as we want. They are absolutely fantastic, and are really geared to folks who are teaching students who have their own device.



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