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ISTE 2014 – Ignite Sessions Round 3

June 30, 2014

These are my notes from the various sessions and conversations and activities at the ISTE 2014 conference in Atlanta

Ignite sessions are super interesting! There are a number of speakers – each one is given 5 minutes and 20 slides to do their presentation. The slides are set to advance automatically. They can be about all kinds of different topics, and are generally very entertaining!

Amy Burvall – Le Jardin Academy
#daretoshare – Transparency is the new Black
Ask students, what is your http of me? http://me
What you make far out trumps whatever is on your resume.
#showyourwork – Post / Publish
Is it helpful? Is it entertaining? Is it OK with Mom?
You don’t have to wait to create
The Cloud is our campfire, where we share our stories.
The tag is the soul of the Internet

“Your work doesn’t EXIST unless it’s ONLINE” @austinkleon

Consume Less, Share Better

Erin Klein –
Do you recognize children for getting the right answer or for asking greater questions?
Do your students ask curious questions?

My Teaching Evolution
Got comfortable furniture, started a book club
A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer

What do you remember most from school?
I want my kids to be inspired to ask great questions and wonder about the world around them.

Fran Siracusa – CCCHS
Past. Present. Future. Kids…
Global Connections with Apps: Talk It Up!
What do kids love doing in the classroom? Talking to each other.
How do you get them to work with other children across the world? Mystery Skype, Global Education Conference, contact education ministries in other countries to find like-minded schools.
Students used iMovie, Garage Band, Google Docs

Holly Clark – EdTechTeacher
Favourite movie was Back to the Future, which was set in 2015. We’ve made it to the future, we need to start teaching like we’re in the future. We need to help our students.

Student portfolio’s should exist online, way better than what we used to keep in a binder! Digital Portfolio’s can be the modern day antidote to standardized tests.

Students should be cultivating an online presence, outside the echo chamber of the classroom.

Instead of ePortfolio, could it be called a Visible Thinking Portfolio?

Stop asking what the best tool for student portfolio’s is! That decision has already been made, Google is by default their digital portfolio, so why not populate their online presence with a purpose.

Also quoted Austin Kleon.

This is their world, we need to get them ready to build for their future. Their future is 2045.


Jeff Rothenberger – Berk IU #14
How to engage students with Nearpod?
Easily create your own mobile course
Engage your audience through interactive presentations

Nearpod presentations can be viewed synchronously or asynchronously.
Q&A – check for understanding
Quiz – test your students’ knowledge
Draw it – use the free-hand drawing tool and discovery your students’ creativity
Slide Show – share a sequence of images with your students.
Web Pages – embed live web sites within a Nearpod presentation
Polling – find out your students’ opinion
Twitter Feed – Embed live Twitter feeds into your presentation
Pinterest – Embed Pinterest boards into your presentation
PDF Viewer – Insert PDFs to view or read a story, etc. and any publication
Video – Embed short video clips to enhance your lessons
Reports – Teachers can easily run detailed session reports.
Store – Library of content created by other members of the Nearpod community.

Karen Kraeger – Mt. Bethel Elementary
Amp Up Learning with Augmented Reality
What is it?
A digitally enhanced view of the real world.
AR can add layers of digital information on top of items in the world around us.

Uses an app called Aurasma

How can I use it to transform learning?
Supporting Learning
– Give Directions
– Add tutorials – additional weblinks, other extra pieces
– Explain to parents

Student Directed Learning
– Vocabulary -> Word wall could come to life
– Extension
– Book Reviews

Share Learning with Others
– Parent Night
– Open House Tours
– Interactive Museums

Patricia Paugh – North Warren Regional High School
Primary Source Power in the Digital Age
What if you could invite four people, living or dead into your classroom, who would you choose?
They would provide real evidence of their lives and the way they lived it.

How many primary source documents do you find / use on the Internet? Not many likely.

Website: Awesome Stories

How do you get students to be interested in primary sources? Empower them to do projects they are interested in. Isn’t it cool when they find an error in a book?

Shelby Day – Tallulah Falls School
Not Your Average Book Club. Book Clubs are considered to be outdated…

Tome Student Literacy Society

The It List – Group of books chosen each year that is clean, encouraging, and ….

Student Competitions throughout the year, and Multiple Literacies – Logo, Book Talk, Book Print, Blog.

It is highly digital, it is for fun, it’s a school club.

What a fascinating idea! Love it! Trying to revolutionize the book club idea!

Courtney Pepe
Students and robotics, coding.
“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about ” Jian Piaget”
Differentiating in a Challenging Way
Sphero – spherical robot

Chad Vignola
Teacher as Maker: LDC teachers Take on the common core
Templates for creating a teaching task, setting up content.
Aligns with standards

Todd Nesloney – Navasota Intermediate
Math Fair
Passion Driven Learning
– Show me six ways math is involved
– Have at least three visuals
– Have a 1-2 minute presentation memorized.

Prepared it at home and did presentations. Do whatever they want.

Kids did amazing projects.


Chad Vignola – Literacy Design Collaboration
Courtney Pepe – Monroe Township High School
Jamie Lewsadder – La Canada Unified
Director of Technology

“I can live for two months on a good compliment” – Mark Twain

What might happen if Students were leveraged for not just tech support, but lesson support?

Students became an iTeam, and helped teachers figure out good ways to do things they wanted to to – like figuring out an app to do different things.

The 4th grade jr. tech team helped change the default settings after upgrading to Windows from Novell.

Creating a dedicated spot for students and teachers to work!



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