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ISTE 2014 Day 0

June 28, 2014

These are my notes from the various sessions and conversations and activities at the ISTE 2014 conference in Atlanta

Okay, so other than arriving at the condo at 2:00 AM, it’s going to be a great day!

So I pickup the rental car, and it’s like 1:30 AM, and what’s the first thing I notice? Besides it’s dark… It’s 24 degrees celsius, in the middle of the night! It is going to be really interesting, considering there was a day last week that we got up to a high of 12. Whoa!

So after about four hours sleep, I am up and ready to go…

First did a bit of a walk to find out what’s around, and there is plenty! Just a few blocks away is the Peachtree Center, a mall of sorts. also a number of restaurants, and of course the Hard Rock Cafe. It’s only about 6-7 blocks to the Georgia World Congress Convention Centre, so I walk over.

First thought, it’s warm. I spent some time touring around the convention centre, which is HUGE, so I could get the lay of the land per se.

Once finished that, headed across the street to the CNN building to Dantanna’s to meet up with Tina and Susan for lunch. Tina is a friend of mine from one of the Australian ISTE Affiliates, and Susan is the Director of Volunteer Leadership for ISTE. We caught up over a great lunch, and then headed over to prep for the Affiliate Day.

Along with David, we managed to get everything ready for Affiliate Day. (More on that tomorrow).

After that, met up with Treva and Shelley for supper, in the pouring rain, and then headed back to finish all the prep for the Affiliate Day – Kahoot game, various powerpoints, etc. By the time I hit the bed, I was exhausted. But ready for ISTE Affiliate Day!

See you tomorrow!



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