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JTC Event – May 2014 – Alberta SuperNet Evolution Stakeholder Engagement

May 11, 2014


Erwin and Holly from Service Alberta

SuperNet Operations Management
As we were getting towards the 2015 expiry, it was decided to extend the contract to June 30, 2018. This would ensure service continuity, and time to run an open and fair process

Updates / current state
What is the vision?
Based on stakeholder feedback, it is apparent to the GoA that we need to look not only at public sector connectivity, but what the role of government is in provincial connectivity
That visioning is happening at the highest levels

What are the next steps?
We’ve continued to draft RFP documents based on the requirements that you, our users, have outlined.
As the visioning exercises complete, those documents will be modified to incorporate any new or changes in the scope of SuperNet.
It remains our goal to ensure that new agreements are in place fro our stakeholderes by 2018. Erwin’s goal is to be transitioned by 2018.

Operational Requirements Discussion
Now we’re apparently doing some group discussion work.. Seems like we’ve done this before…

1. What aspects of current operations work well?
– Like one number, one place to call
– Historical web portal was very useful (putting in requests, looking at past change requests, looking at status, looking at SED configuration)
– Working with NOC has been fantastic
– NOC has been pro-active in monitoring and service
– Bandwidth monitoring (on prior CIP)
– Service response (outages)
– Really reliable, really stable

2. What aspects need improvement & how?
– Service being physically dispatched out of Calgary (ie, not local) is hard.
– Current web portal is not as useful (drill down is a bit of a disaster)
– Ordering a new service, no real timelines, seems hard to work with Bell/Axia together, and unknown what the charges will be.
– Urban wireless sites have had some reliability issues
– Outages can be lengthy, seems like no secondary
– Pricing changes on upgrades
– Dealing with the Bell/Axia partnership
– Need more redundancy, North has been offline completely 4 times in the last six months
– Prime contractor designation for new construction

3. Given where the future of services is headed (ie. cloud, shared resources, and centralization), how will operations need to change?

– SNMP read-only stats would be really helpful
– Perhaps a service that monitors switches, service
– Combination of 24/7 monitoring plus local access
– shared VPN / on-net
– DR

Other questions we didn’t really get to…
a) Are there areas better centralized within government?
b) What would be the impacts to school processes?

We got into lots of conversation around using the existing agreement and rather than what the new agreement would look like. Part of the fun was entering into a contract on a service (SuperNet) that no one had done before. But ServiceAlberta has the potential to be really great, but they don’t have to have all the answers, but just working to find the answers on our behalf.

Overall lots of positive in the room about NOC support, and the reliability of SuperNet. Lots of concern over communication, communication, communication between all the stakeholder groups.


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