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BYOD Symposium – Shaw

May 9, 2014

Foothills School Division is hosting a BYOD Symposium May 8 & 9, 2014. These are Todd’s notes from some of the sessions in High River.

Allan Manzano from Shaw
Robin from Shaw – National Go Wi-Fi
Dustin – Sr. Specialist Enterprise Solutions

Allan started his presentation with a short video of President Obama asking why schools had the same kind of Internet that people had at home. And then he suggests that often we spend more time figuring out how to put wi-fi into coffee shops, than in schools.

Shaw is recognizing that School Board’s are seeing a major strain on their network connectivity.

Some stats:
Growing Reality of Technology: “Battle for Bandwidth”

In 2013
– There were 526M new mobile devices connected worldwid
– Smartphone usage grew by 50%
– Wearable devices generated 1.7 petabytes of data
– Tablet usage increased by 220%

Average Usage per device (Monthly):
– Smartphone 529MB (49% increase)
– Tablets 1,374 MB
– Laptop 2.45 GB (16% increase)

– Smartphones will reach 66% of mobile data traffic by 2018
– Monthly mobile tablet traffic will surpass 2.5EB per month worldwide by 2018
– The number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population by 2014

Shaw Go WiFi – Overview
– Shaw Go Wifi was created to extend the best broadband experience in North America outside of the home
– Currently haas 30,000+ hotspots across Canada with hundreds added weekly
– Current Wi-Fi partners include:
Municipalities: Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, New Westminster, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Lethbridge, Penticton
– Cineplex Theatres, Staples, Home Hardware, The Brick, Coast Hotels
– Cadillac Fairview, Larco Investments, Dundee Realty Management, SmartCentres

Benefits to your Schools
Data Offloading
– Shaw Go WiFi is designed using Automatic Authentication for up to 10 devices per account
– Statistics pulled from current Secondary School partners that offer Go WiFi
April 71,004 avg total usage per school. 11,854 avg sessions
– Expecting between 50 and 300 GB offloaded from the network

Fully integrate with our WiFi, mitigating interference while maximizing offloading

We can build for high density areas which hold special events, such as:
– Conference Rooms
– Theatres
– Gymnasiums
– Stadium and Sports Facilities

Other Shaw partners have said that Go WiFi has helped with capacity, coverage, and bandwidth.

Shaw will also identify on their website and their app: (optionally)
– School name
– address
– phone number
– website
– directions
– Social Media Links

During the June 2013 flooding, Shaw opened up go WiFi to all Calgary and Southern Alberta residents. Putting the service into every evacuation or communication centres.

The Shaw Go WiFi Opportunity
Shaw would like to support BYOD initiatives by partnering to provide Go WiFi to all common areas in each school. Non-exclusive arrangement, using unlicensed spectrum. at no cost.

Note: You must be a Shaw customer (ie. a student) in order to access Shaw Go WiFi

– Shaw would like to put Gb fibre in each school jurisdiction, at a “low cost”
– This would add redundancy to school jurisdiction’s existing Internet feed that perhaps may be coming across Supernet
– TV in the classroom – Shaw would like to have the conversation with schools about TV. Dustin asked about whether schools would be interested in TV and channels that were education oriented. Dustin suggested that a PVR could be made available in the classroom, and it could be available via the network depending on how your local IT team sets it up.

Todd’s note: I can see a cable feed being made available to schools, but not certain that the classroom of the future would have a TV or connected PVR that teachers would program to record shows to watch later. Rather, video streaming services would be more likely made available

Dustin suggested that they could be the connection for Cybera

What about content filtering? No filtering is done on Shaw Go WiFi. Shaw takes a position that Digital Citizenship is key and takes priority.

This was a very good conversation and the Shaw Go WiFi solution looks very attractive!



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