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Jay Kay Event – Plenary Afternoon

May 3, 2014

Jamal Khan of Jay Kay Systems is hosting a fourth annual technology conference at the Banff Centre. It’s an opportunity to network with many of our peers, and learn from various technology manufacturers and vendors. These are my notes from the sessions.

Jamal welcomed everyone and quickly introduced a number of partners.

Phonak – Paul and Gerhardt started demonstrating the Phonak system, which automatically adjusts the volume and level, and automatically connects to Phonak hearing aids that anyone in the room may have. Really interesting, as I am using Phonak hearing aids, and the sound is being picked up.

There doesn’t seem to be any feedback, they even were speaking in the microphone right in front of the speaker, and no feedback whatsoever.

Very nice. Curious about the costing model… Costs about $3,500 to get started…

I am quite surprised, it’s much easier to hear than in many other places.

Jay Kay is getting involved in quite a number of different areas, from security, to video, to sound, to network, wireless, and even Technology Assessments. Sounds like they are really diversifying into lots of areas!

Now we’re into various vendor presentations:

Ruckus was founded in 2004, now ten years old. Grown from 5,000 to around 21,000 customers. Gone public, listed as RKUS on the NYSE. CEO is Selina Lo.

Core Innovations:
Hotspot 2.0

R700 AP has now been released, MSRP of $1,295. 802.11ac dual band 3×3:3 Access Point
1300 Mbps (5 GHz), 450 Mbps (2.4 GHz)
2x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
802.3af PoE
Firmware is ZoneFlex 9.8

Fortinet’s goal is to be the biggest security company on the planet
Expanded Western Canada Team:
Three Systems Engineers in Western Canada
Nahid Asani – System Engineering Manager, Western Canada
Michelle Balderson, Director of Sales, Western Canada

Myths and Misconceptions:
#1 – More signatures provide more security
#2 – Sandboxing solves Zero Day Threats
#3 – The Cloud Resolves Everything
#4 – Use Flow Based Antivirus for performance

Fortinet Advantage: Security, through all 7 layers of OSI, FortiGate, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer

Going high speed interfaces, high capacity throughput.
– 100G+ Firewall Througput
– Ultra low latency
– 40M+ Concurrent Connections
– 250K+ CPS
– 30M+ IPSec Throughput
– IPv4/IPv6

FortiClient is available for free on all devices in Education context…

Michelle asks if we are authenticating users or authenticating machines? And therefore asks if we should be authenticating machines… Very concerned with security. Should we be using Dropbox? Should we be allowing USB memory sticks. How can we lock down as much as we can, and how can we track and have an audit trail?

Michelle had a very compelling presentation

Company is 13 years old, 35,000 systems installed
Joanna Hawes – Regional Sales Manager
Andrew Tolentino – Systems Engineer

Recently bought by iMation, continuing to expand.

Lowest cost per GB, expandable like crazy.

Where does Nexsan fit?
Virtualization, Email, Cloud, Databases, File Services, Business Applications, Media & Entertainment, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Archive, Bulk Storage, Surveillance, Sciences

Product Line:

E-Series – Dense SAN Storage
NST5000 & NST6000 – Unified Hybrid Storage
Assureon – Feature-rich Archive Storage

E18, 18 drives, 72 TB, 2U
E48, 48 drives, 192 TB, 4U
E60, 60 drives, 240 TB, 4U

Ultimate Reliability Storage
– Hard drives, individually tested
– Then tested in the storage system
– Anti vibration design, cool drive technology
– Hot-swappable, redundant active components
– Array based snapshots and asynchronous replication (easily replicate with each other)

Active Drawer Technology – Easy to manage storage with no downtime

Active/Active Controllers – with dual RAID engines per controller

Up to 87% Energy Savings with AutoMAID – ideal for backup to disk or bulk storage scenarios

Excellent cost per Terabyte

AutoMAID has six levels of drive power, from running full power to stopping all drive electronics and exapansion enclosures, and everything in between.

Unified (NAS / SAN), CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC
Storage Mix and Match up to 5 PB (7.2K, 10K, 15K, SSD)

NST5100, 5300, 5500, 6530

Nexsan Unified Management
Single Pane of Glass Management
Role-based Administration
Wizard-based configuration tools
Scriptable CLI


Scott Filiczkowski – Regional Sales Manager
Core product is Network Cameras (IP)

Scott feels the future belongs to network video:
– Superior image quality
– cost-effectiveness
– easy, future-proof integration
– scalability and flexibility
– distributed intelligence
– proven technology
– remote accessibility

Axis based on open standards.
SMPTE HDTV standard
Full frame rate 30 FPS
Wider color spectrum than standard TV

IP cameras are smarter!
– AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP)
– Opens the Axis cameras and encoders to allow third-party applications
– Meeting a wide range of end user needs
– Adds additional intelligence at the Edge

Jay Hollerin & Warren Neumeier – AB Sales
Bob Matthews – Technical Manager – Canada

Power Back Up – Fuel Cells
Redwood Intelligent Lighting Systems
Intelligent Infrastructure
In-Building Wireless
Data Center on Demand
Passive Optical Networks
Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Jedwin Khan

ILIO experts

VDI Storage is Different Compared to a PC

IOPS Consumed by a Single Desktop VM
Average 443.240, Maximum 4,040.885

Atlantis ILIO Technology
In-line de-duplication, in RAM. BEFORE you hit the SAN.

RBC Financial Planning – Investing for your life stage
Alex Reuss and Nicole York-Joly

Interestingly Jamal brought in a financial planner who gave us a presentation on planning for the future, saving for retirement. You should have a retirement plan

Planning for retirement
1 in 4 worry about not having enough money
2 in 10 do not think they were informed
1 in 7 did not choose their retirement date

Be prepared for a long, active life
– Retirees are more likely than pre-retirees to feel that the percentage of their income needed for certain expenses will increase
– 2 in 10 Canadians aged 50 and over expect to live to 100 years old
– The majority of retirees surveyed said that life got better after retirement

How managing your income in Retirement is different
– no single pay cheque
– new and multiple sources of income
– you’ll need to keep an eye on your taxes
Next Step: Create a retirement income plan

Alex had a lot of good things to say, but his key message was to start planning, and get it done!

Manasc Isaac Architects
Specialize in Sustainable Buildings

It was a really interesting afternoon, although a lot of material to cover and listen to.


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