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Roadtrip 2014 – Day 5

April 24, 2014

We woke up to an almost beautiful day here in Seattle. It wasn’t raining, a little bit overcast, but gorgeous!

Started out with a pretty nice breakfast here at the Travelodge! Make your own waffles, eggs, sausages, bananas, oranges, cereal, toast, bagels, granola, yogurt – it was very well done! Thanks folks!

Headed over towards the Space Needle to find the Monorail. It’s only a few blocks from where we are staying! Wahoo! Got some round trip tickets for the Monorail, and headed downtown. Very few people out and about when we arrived, so we got to sit in the VERY FRONT SEAT! Great view! The Monorail only has two stops, one at each end, so easy to figure out!

After a quick monorail ride, we walked down to Pike Market – looking for the amazing fish vendors who entertain the customers as they throw fish around. Found ’em, but apparently we were a little early for most of the entertainment! Honestly we were entertained just looking at the fresh fish! They were HUGE! And they had Octopus, Squid, and all kinds of stuff we hadn’t seen. And these MASSIVE crab legs! They were close to three feet long, and about 3/4 of an inch in diameter! I would hate to meet up with this crab in the wild!

Then we walked across the street, and yep, wait for it, went to Starbucks Store #1! Short line up, and everyone working there was incredibly friendly! First someone met us at the door, while we were waiting in line, asked where we were from and chatted a bit until the next barista was available. While we were waiting we could check out some of the special merchandise only available at this store! Then the barista took our order and she was also incredibly patient, friendly and helpful. And after a short wait, the third person to help us cheerfully called us, and was also fantastic! It was a great visit to Starbucks location #1!

But the best part of the day was coming up next…

First had to hop a bus down to Safeco field!

And why would we want to go to Safeco Field? Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball baby! Wahoo! What an amazing place!

Before you’re allowed in you have to have your bags searched, AND go through a metal detector – but the folks working there were super.

And then you arrive into the stadium. It was awesome! You can see the field from everywhere. No walls separating the stadium from from the food places and vendors. We went right down to the field! Not ON the field, but right next to it! You could watch batting practice and talk with the players who were literally a couple of feet away! Josh and Katherine couldn’t believe how close you could get! And everyone was friendly. I’d say about 3 of every 4 baseballs were tossed into the crowd during batting practice and warm-ups. Unbelievable!

We walked around the whole place before the game and EVERYONE who worked there was friendly, and helpful, and chatty! Two different ushers gave us baseball cards, we got tonnes of great advice. Unbelievable. (Now nachos and cheese were $10.25 too!)

Anyway, we had seats in the first row on the 300 level, just a little off from directly behind home plate – fantastic seats!

We’d never been to a MLB game before, and were we impressed. It was fun. It was exciting. It was entertaining. Baseballs everywhere, I think at least 50 got into the crowd somewhere, and if the play was over, often the players would just toss the ball into the crowd. Crazy!

By the 9th, Seattle was down by 1, and had the last at-bat. They got two players on base, and then Kyle Seager hits a home run, Seattle scores 3, wins by 2, the game is over!

Definitely a great experience, and we can’t wait to see another game, someday in the future!

Had to find our way back, and that was a little complicated. Turns out they have underground bus tunnels here in Seattle, so we took a bus, back to the monorail, and then a walk back to the hotel. Josh and I had a little swim in the outdoor pool – okay, well, Josh went swimming, I sat in the hot tub.

After a bit of a break, some Thai food, and back to the hotel. Some reading and TV watching, and anticipation of what’s going to happen tomorrow…


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