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Roadtrip 2014 – Day 3

April 22, 2014

Good morning readers out in Internet-land – all three of you! No, there are more of you than that! Hey just a re-cap this is Day #3 of our surprise road-trip with Katherine and Josh! Most of this is written just so we remember, but hopefully you may find this so fascinating that you’ll want to try some of these things yourself, and also give us some great ideas!

We started today with breakfast in the hotel. It’s not like totally free, but they give you an $8 voucher per person off breakfast. You can eat for $8, a variety of menu items, and it’s very good. This morning Josh had an omelette with shrimp in it! He loved it, but was only able to eat a little bit of it. Katherine had French Toast with sausages, and I of course had Bacon & Eggs. Mmmm. Delicious! While it was very good, it did take a little bit of time and we ended up just a little bit behind. But no worries – Rhonda said I wasn’t allowed to schedule every 10 minutes of our holiday, so I didn’t… Lots of flexibility – we’re on vacation! (Did I mention we all had juice, which cost extra, because they ran out of milk on the long weekend.)::????!!!!

Day 3 is Easter Monday, so a great day to drive to downtown Vancouver – it’s a day off for many people, so it wasn’t that busy. And parking in Vancouver, while pricey, is waaayyy cheaper than Calgary. For $20 you can park downtown for the whole day. Good luck finding that in Calgary!;)

By the time we parked downtown it was getting close to 10 AM, so we thought we’d go wander down around Gastown. Lo and behold, not a lot opens on a holiday Monday before 10 (11 is the prime start time) so we got to see a variety of stores, people, and some other stuff.

One of the cool characters we saw was Gassy Jack. Honestly I didn’t really read much about him, but as soon as we saw the name we got Josh to pose with the statue. Nuff said.

While we were walking we came across some window washers! These guys are NUTS! They basically attach themselves to a harness and be-lay (is that the right word?) themselves up and down the sides of the building washing windows! It looked like fun. Josh said he wanted to do that when he grows up. We stopped and talked to one – he said it was a job.

We had planned to meet Taryll at 11 AM, so we had to start hoofing it over to the Olympic Cauldron. Yep! We went to see it FOR REAL! The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games were definitely Canada’s games, and it was really neat to see it in person – the Cauldron. We stopped and took pictures, and met up with Taryll! Yay! Do you know Taryll? She is a student at the Vancouver Film School, and the daughter of our Pastor and his wife back in Carseland. Since we were in the area, we wanted to meet up! (Of course after time with us, she’s probably happy to see us leave!

We all wandered around Canada Place and and the area for a little bit. Being from landlocked Alberta, it’s unusual for us to see the large ships, containers, and the deep water port. Sadly there weren’t any cruise ships docked at Canada Place today, but there was plenty of other things to see:
These first two pictures are a Digital Orca, that was made in 2010. I thought it was interesting as it was all made of little blocks, kind of like a Minecraft design.

This last picture is in here, as there are a number of town/city names enshrined on the promenade beside Canada place. This particular town – Beaver Creek, is where Josh’s penpal from school lives – so we took a picture!

We decided to go for lunch at Vera’s Burger Shack (on the recommendation of Michael). What can I say? It was excellent! We all had burgers, Josh ordered a couple of sliders and they were all Mmmmmm Delicious! Here’s our selfie: If you are in Vancouver, and you want to go for a great burger, this should be one of your stops!

Unfortunately we had to drop Taryll of at school after lunch, as she had a meeting to be at, and we didn’t know if we’d get her back in time if we took her with us. Thanks Taryll for the great visit, and for putting up with us!

Whats next? Well it was only like about 12:30ish, so we decided to head across the Lions Gate Bridge to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I can’t say enough of this or describe it well enough, but suffice to say it’s a 137 Metre long suspension bridge, and rain forest park. There are tree top bridges, board walks everywhere, and a cliffwalk. We put in a lot of time walking! But besides all of these really neat things to see and do, they also had little maps, and you could get a special stamp at various stations, and when it was complete, you got a certificate. So we did them all. We walked and walked and walked. The cliffwalk is very interesting in that it sticks out from the edge of the cliff, and you are standing over top of the ravine. If you are at all prone to becoming sick or dizzy from heights, this is not something you would want to do..;)















We needed a bit of break after all this walking, so we stopped at Chapters for a bit, picked up a couple of books, and headed back to the hotel.

After a short break, we were fortunate to meet up with Taryll at McDonalds (yep, my favourite restaurant) over by the Vancouver Science Centre. We sat and hung out for probably a little more than an hour laughing and visiting.


Then it was a 20 minute sky train ride back to the hotel, and we all pretty much crashed.

We did over 17,000 steps today, and completely wore Josh out! I wonder what we’ll do tomorrow?


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