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Roadtrip 2014 – Day 2

April 21, 2014

Good morning intrepid reader! Are you back for more? Are you wondering what is happening on the second day of our roadtrip? Or are you curious to see some pictures of green grass and nicer weather – given the winter that will never end we Albertans are living through?

It’s Easter! He is Risen! What a great day! Sadly being out of town we missed the Easter Eggstravaganza in Carseland! Hopefully it went really really well! Missing everyone in church today!

This morning the kids woke up to some surprise candy and chocolate, after a very good, and somewhat long sleep. Well, we were up by about 6:30 AM. Yep, it’s early! My morning clock has forever been set, and daily I dream of sleeping in until something crazy, like 7:30 or even 8 AM! Wahoo!

So day #2! We got up to a very nice and beautiful day here in Sicamous! Here’s a shot of the view in front of the condo… yes… Gorgeous!



Very nice! I could get used to this!

We opened envelope #2 – Vancouver / Granville Island today!

We were on the road by just before 8:00 AM! First stop: Kamloops, Denny’s for breakfast! We had a chance to visit with a good friend from a long time ago! Lucille was a good friend of mine from Donnelly school back in Grade 10! (Yikes, that was a long time ago – actually, hmm, 25 years ago – am I really that old?) We had a great visit at Denny’s, eating breakfast and catching up!

Sidebar – if you’ve ever driven through a town, and you had some time to visit an old friend, but you decided not to… Don’t do it again! Make that time, and stop, you’ll never regret it!

Thanks Lucille for the visit, and for breakfast!


On to Vancouver! Sheesh, it’s a long drive! I can’t remember the last time I was able to coast downhill for 10 KM or more! What a crazy highway! Kamloops was warm (16 degrees) and green! As we drove throughout the day, we saw snow, and green, and it kept getting nicer the closer we got to Vancouver!

Finally arrived at our hotel by about 3:00 PM! Checked in, and immediately walked over to the SkyTrain station to catch the train to Yaletown station!


Once we arrived at Yaletown, it’s only two short blocks to the marina, and on to the Aqua Bus to Granville Island. The Aqua Bus is a small boat that seats about 10-12 passengers and takes short hops around the harbour! What a blast! Nice easy ride, a good visit with the ‘driver’? It was great!


If you go to Vancouver, you have to take the Aqua Bus! What great fun, and a great view of everything in the harbour, and some entertaining visiting with the captain!

We get to Granville Island, and what a cool place! Our first stop is the Kids market (it closes early). We spent a lot of time in the magic tricks / practical jokes store – the owner was fantastic. But the coolest shop was the puppet shop. We must have been there for 20 minutes – they had all kinds of amazing puppets, and marionets. Great quality and great pricing. Sadly we didn’t buy any, just couldn’t decide what we would do with the puppets! But ver cool! Here’s a picture:


We went walking around the public marketplace next, and it was a lot of fun! It’s like a big farmers market, but different than we see in Alberta – there was really really fresh fruit, and fish – lots of it, and meat. We were wishing we had a kitchen, we could’ve picked up some great food for supper! But we found some treats:

The first one we tried was smoked salmon – mmmm, it was yummy. I guess it’s like Salmon jerky – boy was it good.


I don’t know what this next one was called, but it was like a cinnamon roll-like-a-muffin-with-pecans. It disappeared real quick!


We also tried some honey, had some Snapper Chowder, and even some ice cream!

Did I mention we found the hat shop? Josh is a hat guy, so we tried on lots of hats! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Josh with hats that cost more than $250 on his head!


What a fun afternoon! Back via Aqua Bus, and SkyTrain, and an evening watching Once Upon A Time and the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie… And a bit of blogging…

I wonder what is in store for tomorrow…..


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