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Roadtrip 2014 – Day 1

April 20, 2014

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I had a new blog post, but I’ve got that urge to write again! And some great topics this week!

It’s finally Easter Break and I’m taking Josh and Katherine on a road trip! Hannah and Rhonda are going to Greece during, so it’s just the three of us!

But not just your average Spring Break Road Trip – nope, each day is a surprise! Actually each day Josh and Katherine open an envelope and discover what the plan is for the day. Yep! Something new each day!

So here’s day #1

We started the day Josh and I by taking Oreo to the kennel. Josh says “why are we taking Oreo to the kennel?” I told him we should do a road trip. He’s excited! We start making a list of the things we need to do, like pack, etc. By the time we get home, Katherine is also home – yep – last exam! Now she’s finished year #1 at Ambrose! Wahoo!

But I digress. We start packing everything up, and getting ready to go, and they get to open envelope #1 – Going to Sicamous.

Wait, before I forget, we also had to get a haircut – Josh got a hair cut Friday – can’t go on a road trip with bad hair…20140420-213527.jpg

Back to the envelope and Sicamous…

And what do they do first? Google Sicamous! I’m thinking this is hilarious, because we’re actually just going to Sicamous as a stop to another destination. But it’s a road trip, so each stop is a great time, as is the journey!

So we hop in the car – we’re taking Rhonda’s – it’s a little bigger, and gets better gas mileage than mine!

First stop was in Lake Louise (about three hours away).

(By the way, did I mention that we got another blast of snow Friday night? Yes, Winter will never end this year!


But when we arrived in Lake Louise, we discovered that Winter is FAR from over there! Still piles of snow! Here’s a picture of Josh – yes, he is barefoot and wearing sandals, next to the snow bank! Crazy amount of snow


A few hours later, we arrive in Revelstoke, and we stop for supper at Emo’s. Kind of like Elmo without the “l”. I think we were in the car too long, we enjoyed a great meal together, but everyone’s ears hadn’t popped, so I think we were a little loud!


Finally we arrived in Sicamous. A very good friend had lent us their condo for the night, so we got to sleep in a comfortable place – and we all crashed. We were so tired, even though, with the time change, it was only about 9:00 PM or so.


Day #1 was a great day with Josh and Katherine, and only half a tank of gas from Strathmore to Sicamous! Nice roads, very little traffic, and guess what? It’s GREEN in Sicamous!

We’ll see how Day #2 goes!


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