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JTC – Shared Services Day – Potential Shared Services

November 28, 2013

This post is part of Todd’s notes from the Alberta Education, School Technology Branch, sponsored, Shared Services Day.

Group discussion around what types of services could be shared. Potential shared services.

What can we share? And sometimes why should we share?

For example, if one school jurisdiction wants to use some space in another’s data centre for disaster recovery – what is in it for the one sharing the space? Does there have to be a “thing” for it?

Purchasing / licensing are all areas that could be done. Should the GOA be involved in it? Should the GOA do the licensing, or can it be done via other options. ATLE was bounced around as a potential other group. CBE recognized that CORE and IRC have done some great licensing arrangements.

Commentary around Superintendents in the past have talked about sharing services, but until recently it hasn’t really happened. And superintendents are now realizing the value, and are starting to get things together. While JTC has had conversations around this for years, there hasn’t been the authority or leadership support. Now this looks like it’s going to start changing.

Very interesting session, and hopefully the conversations will continue.



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