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JTC Shared Services Day – Lessons Learned

November 28, 2013

This post is part of Todd’s notes from the Alberta Education, School Technology Branch, sponsored, Shared Services Day.

Brent Dyer – Calgary Police Service
Jason – Bischoff – Reliant Technologies Solutions Group

Pitfalls (and how to avoid them):
– Leadership needs to stay engaged throughout the process to help moderate and ensure communication continues.
– Buy in from the start AND at the end.
– Communication communication communication

Brent suggests that Stakeholder Engagement in the beginning is critical. The people on the project team are the ones who are going to make the difference and be the influencers.

Jason noted that the success of any project is based on the buy-in of all the stakeholders, as does the responsibility. Any risk also falls equally on all the stakeholders, and isn’t owned by any one – always collective.

This session consisted of a large group discussion on services and examples that had been tried before, and what made the successful or not. There were a lot of interesting comments ranging from who takes on the risk, and how do you best get the stakeholders involved. Brent said they made the mistake of believing the innovators and early adopters would drive the change, but really they aren’t the ones everyone follows.

A comment came up that sometimes you have to force other stakeholders to participate. However that doesn’t always work, and you can’t force the other stakeholder to see things your way.

What a fantastic conversation around the room! We have some commonalities, including Inspiring Ed, and LTPF. But we can’t lead one by one, we need to do it on a bigger front, take care of business, and get our act together. There is a feeling of readiness, and willingness to get going, just need to get started. People want to do it, but they are nervous. In lots of ways there are examples from the past, but in many ways it’s also brand new.

Big thanks to Brent and Jason for facilitating this conversation.



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