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JTC Event – Plenary

November 27, 2013

This is part of a series of notes from the Alberta Education, School Technology Branch, semi-annual conference called the Jurisdiction Technology Contacts event. This particular one was held at Mount Royal, November 27-28, 2013. These notes are my own.

Derek McCurdy introduced a bunch of people, and thanked a bunch. It’s great to have the School Technology Branch folks here to put this day together. The Mount Royal facility is marvelous and works really well for this type of event.

Media Smarts Licensing has been extended. – Hooray!

There are som e new Education Standing Offers for Reading and Writing technologies

Technology Briefing on Digital Citizenship <– Need to double check that this was received.

Microsoft Premier Services Agreement

Disaster Recovery Planning – looking at a tool, and will be hosting a series of regional meetings over the next four months. Developing a tool for school jurisdictions to use.

Derek ran a little contest to guess things like the most popular video on YouTube, and what was one red paperclip traded for. Of course some of the questions were trick questions – thanks loads Derek! But this time Edna Dach didn’t dominate the contest!;)

Learning and Technology Policy Framework

And a video greeting from Education Minister – Jeff Johnson


Derek thanked STAC for their work on the LTPF, and introduced:

Greg Bass – Deputy Minister
Greg spoke briefly about Inspiring Ed, and now the new Learning and Technology Policy Framework. He reminded us of the passion that Jeff Johnson has for education, and how he helped move this through government processes as fast as possible. Thank you Minister Johnson!

When we look at Inspiring Ed, we’re really looking at changing EVERY aspect of our education system. Technology is not everything, but it is one foundational tool.

Greg briefly mentioned a new 10 year plan called Inspiring Ed 2.0… Started internally, and all Alberta Ed staff have been encouraged to be part of it. Taking a step back to take a big picture, wholistic, view of everything in Education now, rather than just head-down, getting the work done.

Alberta Education is recognizing that major changes are needed within their own digital footprint, and are putting steps and processes into place to make this change. The end-goal is to help provide information that can be used to help schools, parents, communities understand where we need to go in the future. There is a tonne of work needed to get the word out and improve our commnication.

A question was asked about whether the Province would be implementing some standards, especially with technology to make it easier. Greg replied that they need to be very careful with the balance, and reminded us of what happens when Central Office in a school jurisdiction sets a standard, the schools will often say “What’s going on? We are closer to our community, we understand them better.” The question was all about reducing variables, and Mr. Bass agreed that this is important, but it’s really hard to do Province-wide. Todd’s – note, Greg had a really good answer, and understands the realities.

Learning Technology Framework
Karen Andrews and Edna Dach

The rest of the session was spent doing table conversations about strategies around the 5 policy directions. There was some excellent conversation, and summaries and strategies posted on the wall for all to see!

Very much looking forward to the summaries when they become available.


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