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JTC Event – Learning and Technology Policy Framework Implementation Tool Review

November 27, 2013

This is part of a series of notes from the Alberta Education, School Technology Branch, semi-annual conference called the Jurisdiction Technology Contacts event. This particular one was held at Mount Royal, November 27-28, 2013. These notes are my own.

Tony Hampshire presenting
Tony gave some summary comments and talked about some of the tools being worked on and released to help with LTPF. Galileo is building a wide range of tools that can help us all.

LTPF Toolkit Overview
An implementation readiness assessment
Text-based scenarios and exemplars
Comparative Case Studies
Sample Implementation Guides and Agendas

Now here’s Barb Brown!
We’re going to look at a sample scenario, and for the first part, start looking through the lense of one of the five policy directions. The sample scenario was about a group of teachers who wanted to do a very good, detailed, high level project, with a lack of available technology infrastructure. Todd chose to look through policy direction 5: Access, Infrastructure and Digital Learning Environments.
Questions to think about:
– To what extent does the above scenario meet the above LTPF policy directions?

It really doesn’t at all. In this scenario, the students did not have access to a wireless network for their home devices, the hardware provided was not reliable, nor was it available.

– What recommendations and actions would you provide to resolve the problems within this scenario and move it closer to achieving the policy directions?

Take a look at opening up or rolling out a wireless network that is available to all users.

Our table had a wonderful discussion looking at this scenario through the various lenses and learned all kinds of really interesting things around planning, communication, working together, and even some technical details. Having a scenario in place and looking at the lenses really helped to generate the conversation, and how there really isn’t just one particular area we may have to look at, but others too. Using a scenario like this within our own jurisdiction will be invaluable.


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