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Utopia – Lincoln Child

July 21, 2013

Today’s book: Utopia by Lincoln Child
Published in 2003 by Ballantine
Location: Found in Take it or leave it


One of my favourite places to go on holidays is Disneyland. In fact we’ve been there a number of times, and hopefully we’ll get to go again!

Utopia is a story about a new theme park that has opened in the desert of Nevada. The largest, most technologically advanced park in the world, boasting attractions and rides that are bigger and better than anything ever seen.

We go behind the scenes and get to know the people who run the park, designed the attractions and of course the main protagonist – Andrew Warne, who has developed the robots and the nework to manage it all. Andrew is brought in because there are some problems happening, and just after he arrives, it appears a terrorist group is blackmailing the park’s owner to hand over some critical technology that could be turned into weapons for sinister governments around the world.

We watch as characters develop and try to cope with this terrible change of events, without alerting the public, law enforcement or even most park employees.

This is a fantastic thrill-ride of adventure as Andrew, Terri, Sarah, Mr. Poole, John Doe, and others each try to achieve their goals. But all is not as it seems, and while the demands in the beginning carry us through the story, we learn of a scheme towards the end that may cost many lives.

I loved this story. The attention to detail, the technology, the characters interacting and learning from each other, the clean language, the constant action – the whole book takes place in the space of about 12 hours. Lots of action, unpredictable twists and turns, and a little bit of the corporate folks getting involved where they shouldn’t.

Read this book if you want some drama and to be surprised!


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