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Riptide – Preston and Child

July 19, 2013

Today’s Book: Riptide by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Published in 1999 by Warner Brooks
Location: Take it or leave it


Set in present-day Maine, we follow the story in third person of Dr. Malin Hatch. Malin lost his brother when they were kids exploring an island steeped in history and superstition, and has tried to leave that behind him. All is well until his path is crossed by a treasure hunter who wants permission to search for the treasure on the island, owned by Hatch.

Millions of dollars are amassed and many centuries old documents complete with secret codes are unearthed to find an estimated 2+ billion dollars worth of gold hidden by a pirate centuries ago. The problem is many have tried, and many have died searching for this treasure, a hidden place that is complicated by a pit that fills with water no matter what people try.

Nonetheless, this new group will try again. With an incredible team, and unorthodox methods, they fail, and try again, and fail, and keep trying and gain some success. Ultimately looking for a fabled treasure and a powerful weapon.

Again, I had a very difficult time putting down this book. Preston and Child have gone to great lengths to describe in detail the people and the challenges in this story. We learn about some technology, some architecture, and mixed in the people relationship issues of a lobster-fishing town and big corporate business. While Hatch is looking for closure about what happened to his brother, the others involved aren’t quite so saintly.

Will good triumph over bad? Will the treasure be found? Is there a treasure to be found? What is this incredible weapon from the 1600’s that is still dangerous today?

Read this incredible yarn, and you’ll find out!


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