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ISTE 2013 – Keynote – Adam Bellow

July 1, 2013

Well, final event, last keynote of the week. It’s been super so far, and Brian and Kecia are doing a fabulous job of moderating and visiting with everyone! Started this session with a video re-cap of the last few days! Hard to believe we’re almost finished!


Brian and Kecia had some great stats about the numbers of people tweeting, downloading, communicating, etc.

Invigorausted – word to describe fired up and wiped out

Speed Ignite Panel – An FCC Commissioner, someone from ConectEd, and a governor.
All spoke about the political things that are taking place to help education over the next few years, like updated E-Rate, Broadband everywhere, and how to get change to happen

Adam Bellow
using Google Glass


Packed in like sardines, didn’t have enough room to keep my iPad out to take notes. Need to flesh this out a bit, see if Adam has a presentation available. – Look for an update later on.

Adam was a very engaging speaker. He had an excellent slide deck and was very entertaining. His presentation was kind of a bit of a “State of the Union” and where he thinks education should go and what it should be like. Not a lot of content in the sense of “I can take this and use it” but rather a good way to finish the conference on a bit of a highlight, and get everyone excited and pumped to return back to their work and do some amazing things.

Thanks Adam for a good conversation!



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