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ISTE 2013 – Cool Ideas

June 30, 2013

Just a bit of a collection of some ideas and thoughts. Some things that were really interesting ideas that the ISTE Conference put together that perhaps we could use within our conference or other PD sessions.

Storing of bags
On the last day of the conference, you could bring your suitcases or other travel items and store them for $3 at the volunteer info booth, so you didn’t have to haul them around to your sessions – which was especially helpful if you were taking a cab or shuttle to the airport right after the day. Brilliant. Easy to do. Easy to maintain, and some small token fee which I’m sure no one would complain about.

Really this is “coffee break” But called a Treat-up – well, sounds more exciting. When Treat-ups were on, a Twitter announcement would go out and there would be a mad rush to get a treat. Very good idea, small twist on something totally “normal”

Similarly there was a continental breakfast in the exhibit hall – just in the middle of a couple of aisles – and it was simple, perhaps a danish, or muffin, some fruit, and coffee/tea. Very easy.

Ask Me volunteers
Volunteers are a huge part of the ISTE Conference, and definitely couldn’t happen without the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers. The Ask Me folks were particularly interesting as they literally stood in high-traffic areas with a sign that said “Ask Me”. It was great for attendees because they could ask literally anything like “Where is this session?” or “How do I get to …?” or “Where is the closest bathroom?” But because the person was just standing in the middle of the room, it wasn’t uncomfortable, and it was quite a bit of acting in the capacity of one of these volunteers.

Tech Jedi
Another key volunteer role. These folks would staff a “Dr. is In” booth just to answer questions. Could be things like connecting to the wireless, could be how do I use this software, could be the use of a printer. Pretty neat stuff. The folks who volunteered here also had a lot of fun.


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