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ISTE 2013 – Geekisms

June 26, 2013

Nerdy and Geeky Stuff
Steve Dembo

Discovery Pretty much had one big theatre to itself the entire conference. All of their major speakers and a series of other ones put on all different kinds of sessions. This one was by Steve Dembo, and it was really about a lot of geeky and nerdy and just very cool things. Everything from soup to nuts. Here a couple of things they talked about

Jawbone (mostly known and famous for bluetooth headsets and ear buds – extreme quality. Now have a product called the Jambox. Very nice bluetooth speaker – awesome sound and good bass. Charges via usb, and a charge lasts for hours. Connects to your device via bluetooth, or if you have a pre-bluetooth product, has a stereo mini connection. there are two sizes, a larger and smaller version, about $100 separates them, but the smaller one is significantly lighter.

Yellow Jacket – Stun Gun case for your iPhone
This is a crazy little thing. It’s like a case for your iPhone, but it also packs a wallop of electricity. I would hope it doesn’t actually discharge in your pocket. Also will give you an extra large amount of battery power for your iPhone!

Zapp Tag – Laser tag with your iPhone
Another ingenious invention. It’s a “laser” gun that you mount your iPhone onto, and then you can play a type of laser tag with your friends. Works using QR codes and all kinds of things. Crazy. I obviously didn’t take close enough notes, because I must have the name wrong. Will have to do some Googling…

fly swatter. Fires table salt with enough velocity to kill a fly
What a nut-so device! It’s a gun that you load with table salt. And then it shoots the salt like a projectile – intended to kill flies, yet leaving a bit of salt around. Looks like a lot of fun, and is apparently quite effective.

Mini hand held projector
Didn’t get a vendor on this but essentially is a tiny projector, with a single LED bulb in it. You can send away pictures, and the company sends you a tiny “disc” of pictures that you can put into it to project. Not easy to see in light, but Steve says it is incredibly awesome in the dark! So small, you could literally close your hand around it.

3M Projector Sleeve
It’s an iphone case with an integrated projector. Works reasonably well and you can show video, pictures, presentations with your iphone. Very very cool. Costs about $112. In theory you wouldn’t carry around a laptop and projector. Drawback is it really wouldn’t project very big, but you can project on just about anything.

Optoma Mini Pico Screen
Folding cardboard based screen, 18″ diagonal, can use with your mini projector, or projector sleeve. Cost is like $10 but gives you an instant projection surface. Lightweight and easy to pack around, very useful.

GoPro Camera
12 megapixel video camera, virtually indestructible, mount on anything, typically seeing in sports events. There are versions that will stream directly to your phone.

Grid case pieces
Didn’t catch the name of this, but it is like a flat hard piece that has a webbing mounted on it for organizing and keeping all of your cables and dongles in your laptop case. Looks pretty handy.

Energi+ Backpack with built-in battery – TYLT
Unbelievable. This amazingly convenient back pack has a kazillion pockets, everything a tech geek would need, AND it comes with a battery pack that can charge up to three USB devices at once! The brilliance of it is there is a cable management system so that each pocket has a USB cable in it so you plug in your device when you put it into the right pocket, so it charges while it’s in there. And there is one quick zipper to open, you pull out a cable, and plug the backpack into the wall to charge it up. Absolutely amazing – totally a fantastic product, cost is about $199.

Crowd Funding – Kickstarter

Steve talked about a couple of the crowd funding initiatives and how they work. Very cool.

This is why I am
Steve toured us briefly to this website. Crazy items ranging from hover craft to geek toys that are unbelievable. People will buy anything, and this site has just about everything you could imagine.

This one didn’t come across well, will have to Google it later.

Pebble Watch
Most successful kickstarter project in history – Text messages, e-mail will show up in your watch.

Epic Fails
Credit Card – program all your cards into your phone, programmable card, but needs to be flicked to turn it on.

Kind of cool
WiThings Scale
Yup, it’s a scale with wi-fi that will tweet. Every time you step on it, it will tweet out. But the cool thing is it tracks and graphs everything, so you can see “Hey, ate that burger, and look what happened”

Augmented Reality
Zombies Run 2
It’s an app that you listen to while running, and it plays a Zombie radio show, as if you’re being chased by Zombies – keeps you running, and helps you adjust your pace. Crazy!

Using the chinese cube and the software, it displays and speaks the language and translation.

Software for augmented reality. Must check it out

LEAP Motion
Did you ever watch Minority Report? Remember Tom Cruise using his hands in the air to manipulate a computer? This is the product for you. It’s like a tiny kinect as an input to your computer, and by moving your hands in front of it, you can do things with your computer. Unbelievably cool! Not quite ready for the market yet, but watch out! It will be here very very soon!

Google Glass – STEMbite
Brief talk and demonstration of Google Glass. Worn, projects so your eye can see, and also does audio via bone conduction so only the wearer can hear, and nothing it put in the ear. Can record and stream later, or edit the video later. Very very nice.



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