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ISTE 2013 – Techbook Hardware Smackdown

June 25, 2013

Hall Davidson
BYOD Mini-documentary – take a look for it – one school’s spoof on bring your own device – picture student with a Mac Classic, and other students hauling G4’s down the hallway. We only watched a snippet of it, but it was a good laugh.

Hall Davidson from Discovery Education, along with Erica are going to look at some different products with us.

Some questions to ask: Can the device access Google Docs, Web 2.0, Take a screen shot, create/read pdfs (wikipedia)
Summer STEM Resources

They talked a little bit about the testing methodology that they use.

Android did not like Google Docs, but if you downloaded the Drive App – much better.

Some of the Web 2.0 stuff doesn’t work on tablets well, but often the Surface works well because it tells everyone “I am a full-fledged notebook”

Interesting the Chromebook and the Surface did some great online stuff really well, whereas the iPad did mess a few things up and didn’t even display some information correctly.

You know, this wasn’t exactly the presentation I was expecting, but there were a number of interesting things, especially thinking about some of the nuances in terms of browser issues. It was surprising to think of the every day things that we all take for granted, that aren’t always as easy as we would think! For example, sometimes turning the device on is harder than it looks. And in the age of new gestures – which one do you use for which device. One thing that the mouse did was really standardize clicking and dragging – no standards exist yet across devices for hand gestures.

Thanks Hall and Erica!



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