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ISTE 2013 – The Eating

June 24, 2013

I know, what does eating have to do with ISTE? I mean, you spend all day in sessions and seminars, right? So who cares about the food?

Gotta tell you, without some good food, you’re not going to have the energy to make it through the day! Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the great, and the not so great food I’ve had so far!

Arrival at the Airport
So arrived, and my luggage was lost, so we decided to wait at the Airport. Of course it’s not a huge airport, so we ask around, and there is only one “snack” shop on the outside of security. We’re told they have deli sandwiches and hot dogs. I love hot dogs, they are one of my favourite food groups! So we head up to check it out… Deli sandwiches? Really? Vacuum sealed in a bag from some factory is not a “deli” sandwich. Nope. The Hot Dogs didn’t look super appetizing, so I ask the cashier if she would eat one. She says “They look good, but after an hour, you’ll be feeling the hurt.” I guess that’s a “don’t eat one”. So no good food. But, I got to have a Cherry Coke Zero and some peanuts! Mmmm.

Affiliate Day
So we had breakfast, lunch, and an evening reception – at the conference centre, and at the Hyatt. How was the food?

Very tasty! A good selection of juices, muffins, cereal, three types of milk, fruit, yogurt and granola. Very very nice, very good. Awesome!

You never know sometimes when you have lunch at a conference centre, but ISTE was great to us! There was a massive amount of shrimp to be put in a tortilla along with lots of other vegetables and sauces. There was great salads, some excellent desserts and cookies. An of course REAL brewed Iced Tea! Nothing like it!

Oh boy! Was this incredible! They had the most amazing, juicy and tasty turkey I’ve ever had. You could have it on a plate, or as part of a turkey bun. There was Cantonese ribs – heavenly! Roast Ham! Amazing! Quesadilla’s – Scrumptious! And a selection of more brewed Iced Tea, water, and – I can’t remember the rest! So good!

There is the most amazing Fuddruckers just down the street from The Alamo. You can order a burger any way you like it and with some awesome potato fries and soda. Get this, the soda machine has like a million combinations of flavours! You put your cup underneath, then press the touch screen to select which type of soda you want – say Coke. But after you select Coke, you get a whole lot of other choices – Diet, Zero, Caffeine free, etc. You choose one, and then you get even more choices.

So I picked a Vanilla Cherry Coke Zero – amazing, right?

But to make it better, there was Rudy. Rudy is got to be the King of dining room service. He’s dropping by joking with you and checking on you to see if you need anything. And when you’re ready to go – he’s like “Want a take-out cup?” And he brings you one that you can fill up with more soda to take with you! Rudy was fantastic – he was the life of the restaurant and totally another good reason to go back again! Thanks Rudy!


Volunteer Leadership Lunch
I was invited to ISTE’s Volunteer Leadership Lunch. ISTE hosted a lunch for volunteer leaders from all places. I had a huge sandwich, along with some soda, salads and even a very tasty chocolate brownie! And to top it off, they had a number of folks to give us all a 10 minute massage. What a great treat, thanks ISTE – it is much appreciated!

Republic of Texas Restaurant
ATLE hosted a reception for Alberta ISTE attendees and guests at the Republic of Texas. They gave our own social room right next to the Riverwalk! Cesar was our server and he managed to keep everyone’s orders correct, and plates of food for everyone kept coming! There was lots of different types of finger foods, and it was all very tasty, warm, and well-received! We had such incredible service, and a great time visiting with friends and new friends from all over Alberta – even had the infamous Karen from Australia drop in.

So far, the food has been GREAT, and the company FANTASTIC! Hopefully the next few days are equally exquisite!


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