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ISTE 2013 – NMC Horizon Report 2013: K-12 Edition

June 24, 2013


In session presented by Larry Johnson – presenting the NMC Horizon Report 2013: K12 Edition. Today is the official release of the Horizon Report, and Larry brought some printed copies with him too, so we all got one.

Hashtag for NMC Horizon project is #NMCHz
There is an App available which has all the reports ever published, as well as curated articles that come out daily/weekly – available for $0.99.

There are 33 Editions, and 10 reports in 2013. And 40+ translations

The three editions of the Horizon Report include Higher Education, K12 Education and Museums. Additionally there are Regional Technology Outlooks for:

  • Australia/New Zealand
  • Latin America
  • Singapore/Hong Kong/Japan/Korea
  • UK/Central Europe
  • India/Africa

For today we’re looking at the 2013 K12 Edition. Released under Attribution License, otherwise use as we like. Fantastic!

There are 50+ individuals on the advisory board, and a third of them change each year, as they want to ensure they always have a fresh perspective and look. NMC uses the Delphi Method for collecting data. It’s a good method for making decisions when not enough information is available or in place. Convene a group of experts and engage them in a conversation around a set of alternatives, trends, challenges, provide a lot of background material, which can be found at Board members vote, weigh votes to come up with information and narrow it down to 12. Then additional research is done on the 12, to get more detail, ensure they are REAL, and actually in use, although perhaps not in Education.

Some of the General Findings
Look at the Trends, but also look at the Significant Challenges.

One interesting challenge: “Too often it is education’s own practices that limit broader uptake of new technologies”

2013 Technologies to Watch:
One Year or Less:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Learning

Two to Three Years:

  • Learning Analytics
  • Open Content

Four to Five Years:

  • 3D Printing
  • Virtual and Remote Laboratories

Keith Kruger – Co-Principal Investigator – CoSN
One of the advantages of the K-12 Horizon Report is it does separate and outline the differences between K-12 and Higher Ed. However it’s still like there is a tidal wave of information out there.

CoSN produces the K-12 Edition Toolkit which includes Presentation Template, Discussion Facilitator’s Guide, Discussion Activities and a Mini-MOOC. Will be using Google Air and Hangouts to work with everyone!

Leslie Connery – Co-Principal Investigator – ISTE
ISTE is very focused on what students should be getting in the classroom, what teachers should be doing, and administrators – and then look at the gaps between the tech trends and student skills.

One of the things Leslie likes is that although some information may appear 2-4 years out, they don’t automatically move up each year, and they may go faster, or they may disappear. It is not a clear straight path.

Leslie also recommended looking at the HP Catalyst Academy,, a series of free courses where teachers can acquire badges, learning about cloud computing, mobile computing, virtual labs, and more.

ISTE is hosting an Implementing Your Mobile Learning Program Tuesday, 10:30 – 11:30 AM in SACC 213.

Todd’s note: There wasn’t a whole lot of content in this session. Some general methods on how things were done, each group talked a bit, and the six technologies that are reported on – however no depth. It would’ve been neat and more valuable if they could’ve delved into a little more detail. The NMC Horizon Report is incredibly useful, this presentation could’ve probably been done as a press release.

We had a bit of a question and answer session – one of the HUGE issues facing schools in the U.S. is lack of affordable bandwidth. E-Rate funding has been frozen for quite some town. CoSN says it looks like they will be recommending a $0.40 increase in everyone’s phone bill, or about $5.00 per year – in order to buy more bandwidth in schools.



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