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ISTE 2013 – Creating Physical Space that Supports Learning

June 24, 2013

Session Description:
Little is said about the physical space needed to support digital learning. We will explore the overall learning ecosystem needed to create revolutionary learning.

We want to think not just about physical spaces, but the overall environment that we are working in.

A Learning Ecosystem:
Student Learning

Okay, so this session is starting out as “Discuss with your neighbour X” and then “Discuss with your neighbour Y”

Presenter just asked why doesn’t everyone have a dedicated physical space for digital learning? And if we don’t, why not?

Todd’s note: I am confused, I’m not certain that I agree that there should be a dedicated physical space for digital learning. I believe it should be a blended environment. Okay, confusion eliminated, it’s just taking a little bit to get going.

Back to presenter:

We need to build social spaces. Proponent of virtual schools, but some members of the public are thinking we go to all virtual schools, but that may be too much too.

Book: Campfires in Cyberspace
Book: The Third Teacher: 79 Ways you can use design to transform teaching and learning
Book: The Language of School Design: Design Patterns for 21st Century Schools
Book: Make Space (talks about insights, space studies, situations, tools)
Book: Learning Spaces by Educause

This session was turning into an excellent session, however, I had to leave early to help with the ATLE reception. Sorry for leaving early folks, I will try and catch up with you later and get some more information!



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