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ISTE 2013 – Conference Welcome and Opening Ignite Session

June 23, 2013

So after waiting for about 40 minutes in line, visiting with folks, got some great seats for the first welcoming session and Ignite. Huge room and big screen!

Looks like it’s filling up nice!

Some goofy person, think it might have been @mrtoddkennedy Where do they get this guy from?

Okay, it’s 1:34 PM, we’re four minutes behind already – let’s get this show on the road!

1:39 PM – finally starting – right on – here we go!


Good way to start to find out where everyone is from! 89% from North America – Surprisingly Middle Earth got 7% of attendees. Hmmm….

Then polled the regions from the U.S –

Okay, somehow wordpress lost a lot of my typing during an update.

ISTE honoured a number of award winners and volunteers! Thanks everyone

IGNITE Session

Michelle Cord
Hack the Classroom

Excellent presentation!


Kill Your Players
Failure in Educational Game Design

There are lots of really bad educational games out there – simple flashcards, or staple math onto an existing game – Yikes! Ourch! Brutal… You can’t fail – and failure makes games fun. All games have some educational value!

Games that constantly pop up and explain how to play it are terrible and tell you to stop having fun!

“If you hold the player’s hand too much, you deny them the opportunity of discovery”

But if you kill the player, they want to try again… If you take out the tutorial, the play time and curriculum use triple

Scotty Iseri

Katheryn Kaiser
How do we integrate art and science in Katheryn’s school


Katheryn uses scratch – computer programming with kids. She brought pictures and ideas of what students in various grades in her school actually do with technology – great job Katheryn!

Michael Mills
The digital divide still exists.
Test scores by students who are allowed to use a mobile device jump by 30%.
How do we narrow the divide?
One way to help is: Providing Access to the Internet – which is access to empowerment

It’s up to students to help with re-definition.

Anakin Skywalker made some bad decisions and became Darth Vader??!!!;)

Michael is obviously a Star Wars Fan – Way to go! Favourite teachers were Yoda and Mr. Miyagi!

Can’t expect master builders to build great things, unless they get to use the tools that they know best!


Wesley Fryer
Open Doors for Students

Start simple – “books don’t scare most teachers and students”
Make ebooks. Record voices. Share the magic of ebooks with your family

Start a Scratch camp
Build digital stuff – animations, games, stories
If you ask kids if they want to do this, they are on-board.
Helps learn computational thinking
Change perceptions at school – Geeks are cool.

Become a beginner again.

Lead a local storychaser club

Digital Citizenship is a verb!

Amplify school stories – what awesome things are happening every day?

Play with media together

How is it going so far?
Doing a good job of reading the audience, another and asked us what we thought of the first Ignite presentations. Good job #iste!

More ignite talks will be on Monday and Wednesday…

Reminder that there is an Iron Chef ISTE – part of a team to make something and then present…

ISTE Mobile App
There is a game built-in to the app, and winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to ISTE14 in Atlanta!

More Ignite:

Jeff Piontek
STEM Education – Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
Let’s change from STEM to STREAM – reading
Creativity and Innovation:
Divergent (Creative Thinking – Broad ideas/thinking)
Convergent (Narrow the alternatives to a set of solutions)

What can we do to foster creativity and Innovation?
Encourage discovery learning
Encourage mastery learning – Can I show that I know something, so I don’t have to sit and be bored?
Can we do both top-down and bottom-up approaches to education?

STEAM for success – integrate Arts
STREAM is the future – reading and research

Carrie Ross
Sparking Passion in Students Who Have Lost Hope
Sometimes our classrooms have become a refuge – maybe that’s what they’re supposed to be?
Students want an opportunity to use technology, and to engage with someone, and to open a gateway to a dream. Students love the chance to show you what they know.
Encourage students to read.

Saying “I don’t know” is not a sign of weakness. Rather “let’s figure it out together” is a springboard.


It’s not a classroom anymore, it’s a community..

Invite your students to become a part of your school, to become a part of your team.
I really liked her conversation. She cares about students.

Dean Shareski
“There is a direct correlation between the level of happiness in one’s life and the amount of silliness they allow into it.”

Great quotes about learning and change

Silly implies Creative

“If people did not do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.” – Ludwig someone

Allison White
Instructional Tech Facilitator
Curating Information Overload

Learn from more than just sessions, also from events and exhibit hall.

Choose sections of the exhibit hall to tackle each day.

Write down the one key takeaway from each session.

Convert paper into digital parts that can be shared.

Select a tool that will make the information stick.

Allison has a lot of GREAT advice to get the most out of the ISTE conference – should’ve heard her years ago!

Make sure you’ve got your information in a way that you can save it, search it, and share it.

Reflection sparks transformation – what is your reflection of each day?

Jake says to check most awesome video


Tips for success:

  • Bring your device all charged up
  • Try to use only one device – the network is “great” and they’ll do their best.
  • Take breaks at the Treatups
  • Use the “Ask Me” stations
  • The Dr. is In – will help with just about anything you need
  • Remember to have fun.

Can you believe it? Limit the number of devices you can use! Whoa! I thought everything was bigger in Texas…

Thanks everyone for a super opening session!



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