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ISTE 2013 – Day 2 – Affiliate Annual Meeting

June 22, 2013

Today was a great day. Today was a long day. Today saw lots of people exchanging ideas in the hopes of doing great things for their respective teams and the people they serve.

Today started really, really early. The time zone change is only an hour, but that combined with the heat, seems exceedingly tough to deal with.

Got up bright and early, at 6:30 (which is like 5:30 AM back at home). I was bringing a couple of bags of stuff, so I decided to take the shuttle bus. Walked outside of my hotel and halfway up the block, and waited for maybe about 10 minutes. The huge air conditioned bus rolled along and I had a delightful visit with the driver on the way to the convention centre.

Today was the ISTE Affiliate Annual Meeting. The day set aside for affiliate groups, like ATLE, from all of the world get together, exchange ideas, listen to great presentations, and build a camaraderie that lasts for a lifetime!

It was an honour for me to have the opportunity to work with the planning committee who put the day together, and work directly with Susan Larson, ISTE’s Director of Leadership Development to help orchestrate a great day!

We started with some brief introductions – affiliates were given two minutes to give some highlights from the past year, and a timer kept them to it! Then we moved into the Who Wants to be an Affiliate Millionaire game. We used the game format to help our affiliates understand the benefits of being an affiliate member of ISTE. Mark was a fantastic contestant, and we modified the rules such that the only help the contestant could have was “Ask a Canadian”. We had a riot!

After the game we had an opportunity to hear from the ISTE Board, and about Advocacy, and a few other things.

One of the really fun parts of the day was the keynote smackdown. We had lined up 10 speakers, who were given 4 minutes each to talk to the crowd. The idea being that the affiliates could hear some potential keynote speakers for their conferences. It was a blast. The keynote folks did awesome jobs of putting together brief presentations that really engaged the audience.

Then we moved into poster sessions were affiliates could share in detail with everyone some of the projects they are involved in. It was great! The afternoon brought an opportunity to hear from ISTE’s CEO – Brian Lewis, about branding, and then round table discussions about all kinds of amazing topics that were relevant to our affiliates.

After a few more keynote smackdowns, we wrapped up with some great prize give aways! It was a long day, an energetic day, but an awesome day!

We all met again a couple of hours later for the affiliate reception and participated in the annual basket exchange, where affiliates bring a basket of things representing their area, and have a big swap!

Thanks Susan Larson, and thanks ISTE for putting on a very very good day, and thanks for letting me be part of it.

Some pictures of groups working in the round table sessions:







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