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Inferno – Dan Brown

June 8, 2013

Today’s Book: Inferno by Dan Brown
Published in 2013 by Doubleday
Location: Todd’s Library


Okay, I admit it, it’s true. I am a Dan Brown fan! I was in Chapters a couple of weeks ago wandering around with Josh, and found his book for $15!!!! Awesome! And I still had some money on a gift card from one of my sisters – wahoo! So I picked it up! I especially liked Digital Fortress and Deception Point, but Mr. Brown has moved into different areas. Perhaps one day he’ll write in that genre again.

Although I am a fan, I did not enjoy the Da Vinci Code. The story line was interesting, but I thought he had too much details and descriptions that did not need to be in the book. Therefore I was apprehensive when I picked up Inferno.

But it was excellent! This story had so many twists and turns, that if you put it down for a couple of hours, you almost had to go back a dozen pages to catch up to where you were! The book is a complicated story with professor Robert Langdon as the principal character, and he wakes up in the hospital being helped by an amazing doctor, who apparently saves his life, and helps him evade capture from an assassin. The two are following mysterious clues, Langdon’s speciality, to determine what terrible “solution” a brilliant scientist is planning on inflicting the world with.

Of course they meet many interesting folks, Langdon’s celebrity status helps him in many places, and the entire story takes place in Europe. Just when you think you’re unravelling the story in your own mind, it goes in an entirely new direction! Dan Brown very deftly strings you along and helps you believe a line, and then you find out it’s a lie, and something else is at foot.

Absolutely incredible storytelling, a very interesting overall plotline (which I won’t spoil for you), and exceedingly vivid imagery – make this a very difficult book to put down!

My favourite chapters were 68-71 where Langdon and Dr. Sienna Brooks are just arriving and travelling through Venice. After reading these short chapters, so much of Venice becomes alive, the history, the tragedy, the unescapable continuous sinking of the city – that I would now love to visit there! Where else in the world could be so unique? These three chapters demonstrate Dan Brown’s ability to describe with such detail a part of the world that I’ve never been to, that makes you want to go.

I really enjoyed Inferno, and while it may sit on my shelf for a little while now, I am very much looking forward to reading it again…. and again….;) (My wife thinks I’m a little crazy that I read books multiple times – but hey, if the book is good…. You don’t want to know how many of Tom Clancy’s books that I’ve read MORE than four times)

Pick this book up. Be prepared to get really into the story, and it will keep you thinking – long after you’ve finished the book!


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