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Fire of the Raging Dragon – Don Brown

June 1, 2013

Today’s Book: Fire of the Raging Dragon by Don Brown
Published in 2012 by Zondervan
Location: My Mom’s book collection

My Mom let me borrow a couple of books about a month ago, this is the second one by Don Brown. I know, who reads the same kind of books as your Mom! I do! My Mom has good taste! We don’t always agree, but sometimes we do! Thanks Mom for the good book! I’ll bring it back next time I’m in Edmonton!


Upon opening the book, within a couple of pages, I found myself quickly drawn into the story. Many of the books I’ve read take quite a bit of time to introduce people, topics, themes, ideas and more. This one takes you right into the heart of an issue – right away.

It appears on the surface to be a simple story about a Chinese leader who wants to take over the world. Some key people in the Chinese military are working close with him, while the Americans and Taiwanese try to figure out what’s going on. There are stories of brinksmanship, of courage under fire, of political interference, military operations and more. Unfortunately we don’t get to know some of the characters as well as we’d like, as we’re introduced to them in this book, and there are so many things happening and on the go.

This book is really partially marketed as a Christian novel. Now I’ve read many many so-called “Christian” authors, that seem like they add a prayer in somewhere – and make a token attempt to sprinkle some quotes in. And I haven’t enjoyed them at all. This one the author is able to make you believe that the believers in the story are genuine, and they are still human.

Fire of the Raging Dragon takes an unusual twist about a third of the way into the book, right when the story is really getting going as a full-blown military/espionage tale – the protagonists must now make a key decision based on what is morally right and wrong – thus setting the stage for a massive conflict.

I don’t want to give the book away – but I have to tell you, you need to read to the end. One of my frustrations with other authors is sometimes they spend the whole book building up, in a massive crescendo…. and then a really disappointing or predictable finish. And you feel let down. Not the case here. Don Brown wraps this story up in a very unusual way – and it works. It makes sense. You don’t feel let down at all.

Gotta tell you, I really, really liked this book. I started it two days ago, and really, I read it in every spare moment and lost a bit of sleep. A great escape book, but a good moral story, and it feels like it could happen today.

I will be watching out for some of his other books to read… you should too!


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