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The Silent Man – Alex Berenson

May 17, 2013

Today’s Book: The Silent Man by Alex Berenson
Published in 2010 by Jove Books by The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Location: My wife picked it up for me!

Yes, this is unusual. Some of you may be aware that I love books. In fact my library is a little over 1200 strong right now. And when we were moving to Strathmore, my lovely and amazing wife thought she’d teach me a lesson by packing them up into Apple boxes. 26 of them to be exact, each weighing around 70 pounds! She figured this would cure me. It didn’t, so I’m not supposed to be acquiring any more books. So I was quite pleasantly surprised when she brought one home for me!


The Silent Man could be classified as a “spy” novel, but that wouldn’t be quite correct. You might call it a political thriller, but that definitely wouldn’t do it justice. A drama/criminal story? Hmmm, not completely. But put all of these together with espionage, intrigue stolen nuclear weapons, multiple countries, terrorists, nasty plotting of revenge, history repeating itself with main characters – and this describes it sort of.

This is the first book I’ve read by Alex Berenson, and it is a well-thought out, well-detailed story. It’s not one you can finish in one night, as it is a good length, and has some complicated story lines woven through the tapestry of adventure. The main character, John Wells is a mostly retired CIA officer, when someone from his past tries to “take him out.” Needless to say this pulls him spiralling back into the business and helping to try to save the world from nuclear disaster.

I thought the story was well written, it had enough plausibility and detail to keep me interested, and the author is obviously an excellent story teller. He really tries to help you see into the mind of the potential terrorist, and of course the terrorist who really isn’t 100% behind the action. Plus he very vividly describes the disintegrating relationship between the so-called leaders of the CIA and other government agencies and the agents/officers that they support. Throw in a little bit of White House intrigue – and it’s a good story.

A kind of an interesting ending which I didn’t see coming at all. Part of the story wraps up nicely, while another part you expect to go a certain way – and it doesn’t.

Thank you Alex Berenson for writing a unique viewpoint on a story, and being creative and daring enough to finish in an unusual fashion!


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