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Men’s Breakfasts

May 16, 2013

Have you noticed ever that rarely do men get together for coffee? Or go for lunch? or meet for dinner? But meeting for breakfast is done more commonly!

There is a guy in our church, his name is Rob – everyone say “Hi Rob!” And one of the things that Rob has a heart for is ministry to men, and ministry (service) by men. So Rob is a busy guy – he runs a business, he’s got kids who are active – but a monthly Men’s Breakfast is Rob’s thing!

So last Saturday was the monthly Men’s Breakfast at Bow River Alliance Church. Josh and I went to one way back in the Fall, but due to family stuff and Basketball, we hadn’t been to one in months.

Saturday morning found us up at 6:15 and over to the church by 7:00ish, where we met up with Rob who had a huge breakfast planned! He already had the back bacon mostly cooked, and once we got there we started cooking hash browns! (Mmmm. My favourite breakfast food). Rob’s menu included Coffee, Orange Juice, hash browns, and biscuits with mayo, back bacon, and egg. He made each egg overeasy, then placed on on top of each biscuit/mayo/back bacon, added some cheese, and put it in the oven.. MMMM Delicious!

Around 8:20ish the other guys started wandering in and we had a delightful breakfast together visiting, catching up, talking shop etc. Once breakfast is finished, usually there is someone who has planned to share part of their life story with everyone, and this was no exception. A good friend of mine shared where he is at and the men listened intently, at the edge of their seats, to every word. It was very, very well done.

After breakfast, some quick clean-up, and then we got to go out to Gleichen, where a retired senior needed some help cleaning up their yard. We dropped by Corn’s house (you’ll hear lots more about Corn throughout the Summer), picked up a dump trailer and chainsaw, and spent the next few hours cleaning up tree branches and garbage that had collected around the yard.


I guess one of the best parts for me was seeing these guys give up a part of their day, asking nothing in return, to help someone in need. Josh and I worked side-by-side cleaning up. It was hard work, but it was good chance to visit, and work together.

What is the measure of a successful venture? Is it getting the work done? Is it the camaraderie of a group of people with a single purpose? Is it visiting with folks while making breakfast and doing dishes?

To me, I know it was successful, because as we got into the car, to leave Gleichen, after getting up at 6:15, getting to church at 7:05, making breakfast, eating, visiting, and clearing brush and garbage for two hours together, Josh turned to me and said:

“Thanks for taking me today! That was a lot of fun!”


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One Comment
  1. Mike Kiemeny permalink

    Great moments! God’s hands are amazing! He tests us to see who take credit!

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