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Xerox – Nuance

May 9, 2013

Today I am spending a part of my morning at a Xerox Expo. This is really part of trying to keep pace with some of what’s going on in the work of technology. These are my notes from the various seminars and things that I listened to and learned about.

Perry Scarcelli
Transformation of imaging – Nuance
View is to try to keep it simple. Nuance helps provide that middleware to allow any device to communicate with any other device, so that users can use whatever they choose to work on print flow, document storage, and other workflow.

Megatrends transforming business

  • Growing Consumer awareness of “green” issues
  • Rise of Managed Print Services
  • Ubiquitous smartphones & mobile broadband access

Use OmniPage OCR in their systems. 99% recognition rate.

78% of Nuance customers take pictures of documents with smartphones
71% use cloud storage services
43% are using more than one cloud storage service
69% of data stored in the cloud are documents opposed to photos, videos, etc.

Working on Natural Language to streamline secure and accelerate workflows like:

“Scan and send PDF of signed agreement to client and file under Simon Lee. Print a copy for mailing.”

Guessing to see this as a mainstay in the industry in the next two years.

Users will be empowered to make green choices. Print policies will extend to mobile.
– Nuance solutions encourage users to make responsible choices and enable administrators to manage print policies
– Tomorrow Green Reporting will enable employers to align business goals with environmental objectives.


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