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Xerox – Notable Software (NSI)

May 9, 2013

Today I am spending a part of my morning at a Xerox Expo. This is really part of trying to keep pace with some of what’s going on in the work of technology. These are my notes from the various seminars and things that I listened to and learned about.

NSI Mobile

Smartphones now exceed PC shipments. (Data and estimates from Feb 2011) <- perhaps need some more recent data.

MFP's are still a growing market in Canada. Growth of Mobile happening with MFP growth, so potential to have them working together is even better.

nsi autostore
Middleware on-premise server solution. Autostore will capture, and then can do other things with it before it is sent to it’s final destination – pretty much anything you can route the document to.

Mobile print key release Are we using Equitrac for the Follow-You? I think so.

NSI Mobile
Supported by iPhone and Android
– Express Print and Print Queue place a QR code on the device, when scanned, can then release the documents from your smartphone. Can also work based on GPS location – knows where your phone is and where the device is.
– Combination of form data and camera to provide situational awareness. Use meta data in the form to submit information with pictures
– Activities – workflow is available to you from your devices to your phones regardless of where you are.
– e forms – complete a from and submit to process data without attachment(s)
– NSI MyFiles – Use designated personal “Home Directory” which is your corporate server – allows upload and download and editing of files.

Todd’s note: not sure exactly what the application for us would be. Perhaps access to files by mobile users. We currently have a solution in place for releasing print jobs, etc. Do we want to move to using mobile phones to release and modify print jobs? Sounds like a good idea, but perhaps not as relevant to our environment.


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