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Xerox – McAfee

May 9, 2013

Norm was the “keynote” speaker at the Xerox expo. Norm’s conversation really revolved around security of non-traditional devices. More and more, digital attacks are being launched against all types of network devices, including MFD’s, etc. Norm spoke about McAfee’s work in securing these devices and their partnership with Xerox.

Information Security Threats
Extending Security to Intelligent Devices

Norm Chan
Senior Systems Engineer
Western Canada

McAfee feels there is unprecedented Malware Growth
Cumulative Malware Threats reached 56.3 million through 2011…

Financial Motivation Drives Malware
That is, specifically it’s become much more inexpensive to attack others, and therefore make their business hurt. Botnet rental for say $275 will give you 2000 machines working on your behalf!

As the number of IP connected machines increase, so does the potential for malware to create problems for us.

Office Industry is No Exception
In 2011, laser printer hack was created. They could craft a file, which when sent to the Printer, would make the printer start spewing page after page of junk.

Cybersecurity for Dummies – Hacking Network Printers…

Print Me If You Dare…. – presentation
Managed to reprogram an MFD through a print job, so that everything printed, copied, faxed was transmitted to another service.

Drivers for Security on Office Systems

  • Office devices are connected and potential security risks for corporate network
  • No awareness of online dangers
  • Increasing attacks on office devices
  • Office devices may store regulated and confidential company data
  • Removable media introduce risks
  • Potential regulation requirements

The Way Forward – What McAfee is doing to Secure Office
More than just anti-virus – which really is just a black list – not super viable in a multi-function device. Maybe white-listing may be more viable… – what is allowed to run, what can communicate – kind of like a Nexus lane at the airport…

Embedded Control Technology – keeps a Runtime Inventory of the things that are allowed, and those that are on the list – work seemlessly. Other stuff just doesn’t work.

Todd’s note: sounds overly simplistic. If a computer is allowed to print, then it’s allowed. Without any type of scanning, how will it know whether it is appropriate or not? Must be some more complicated engine involved.

Security Management – ePolicy Orchestrator
Embedded Control <- this is new
Full Disk Encryption <- has been available for years.

Xerox is the only manufacturer to make this available in all of their products.


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