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Jay Kay – Ruckus

May 4, 2013

During the Jay Kay Systems event, we had opportunities to meet in small groups with each manufacturer. These are my notes from the various sessions.

Ruckus Wireless
Neil Davey – Western Canada Sales Manager

Can now buy a redundant controller, and it will mirror the license, so you just have to purchase the lowest licensed similar controller.

Release 9.6 – released May 3, 2013
– Zoneflex 7055 Wall Switch AP – 802.11 a/b/g/n wall-mount

Wireless and Network
– Onboarding Portal (BYOD + Guest Access)
– Per User D-PSK limits
– USB Backhaul “Our-Fi”
– Spectrum Analysis
– 54 SSID per AP
– Ethernet Jumbo frame support for 7782
– Tunnel QoS Config (static, copy from packet)

– Syslog Enhancements (Config facility, Add Severity)
– Alarms, Email, Traps sent after reboot
– ZD Ethernet Port Status (GUI, CLI, SNMP, FM)
– FlexMaster VMware support and virtual image distribution
– FlexMaster CentOS support


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