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Jay Kay – NLSS

May 4, 2013

During the Jay Kay Systems event, we had opportunities to meet in small groups with each manufacturer. These are my notes from the various sessions.

Next Level Security Systems
Paul from Jay Kay did presentation

Next Level Security builds the controllers that manage video security systems as well as card readers for building access.

Although the gateways are setup in each school, Next Level does have a subscription service that allows you to log into a single central point, and then access the remaining systems.

Gateway has multiple levels of access. Admin access to see and do everything, but also security monitoring – so you can see the cameras, but can’t make changes. Very nice. Can setup multiple users with different access. Can get a decoder station so you can monitor and review video, but not do setup types of tasks.

Also will do door access. Assign card holders.

Gateway interface is really, really nice. Lots of different views, etc. Really easy to use.

Lots of analytics built-in. Activity (usually built in to camera) Microphone, Direction, Dwell, Face Capture, Line Crossing, Object Moved, Object Taken, People Count, People Count Directional, Perimeter

Can do digital zoom – does not affect recorded video, just current view.

No Active Directory Integration – prefers to keep everything separate. So we’d have to determine how to load our user fobs into the system.

Storage space is critical. A loaded out system with 16 cameras, will record in HD for about 5 hours. Most times the system is installed with a separate iSCSI NAS device, recommend 3 – 6 TB depending on quality of recordings, and number of cameras. Assuming full HD. Suspect it will take substantially less if only 10-14 frames per second.


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