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Jay Kay Event – Axis

May 4, 2013

During the Jay Kay Systems event, we had opportunities to meet in small groups with each manufacturer. These are my notes from the various sessions.

Scott – out of Calgary

IP Cameras
Axis tries to deal with standards – HDTV – min 720p, 30 fps, etc.
Megapixel -> not really a standard, different companies can refer to it differently

WDR – Wide Dynamic Range -> Helps with severe bright background light.

H.264 reduce HD video from 23 mbps to 1.8ish mbps – very nice.

Going from 30 fps to say 15 fps really isn’t much different in what we can see, but reduces bandwidth and storage significantly.

Lightfinder – take a really faint light source, make a very nice video picture.

IR Illumination is a little tougher – bit of a niche technology -> hard to have good picture quality.

Cameras have some built-in analytics. ie. Loitering, dwell time, people count.

Three product lines:

m – entry level – great image quality, may not have day night, no audio, fixed view
p – -40 temperature rating, maybe some i/o ports, maybe audio
q – Very nice

m series has 1 year warranty
p/q has 3 years warranty

There is a software package that can be downloaded, but really intended for managing a camera or two.

Really focus on the cameras, NOT the management software.

I was really impressed with the Axis approach, their camera products and their willingness to be very clear about where their strengths and weaknesses are.


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