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Jay Kay – ArcMail

May 4, 2013

During the Jay Kay Systems event, we had opportunities to meet in small groups with each manufacturer. These are my notes from the various sessions.

Nick Bonner
Inside Sales Manager

Nick connected to his demo ArcMail server, and started by showing us how easy it is to search as the admin. Searching is really fast, and overall it seems really responsive. Really fast. Can restore to original mailbox, yourself, or someone else. Nick said it is just a slow demo box, with only 22K messages – but it could be a little slower in production with a pile of messages.

At any time you can take the data and back it up somewhere else if you’re getting too full. Can setup a policy or multiple retention policies. Can also create holds where mail items placed in those holds are kept forever until you choose to delete them.

Backups can only be restored to the defender server they were backed up from, and they are encrypted. You can also export all the information in open formats.

Defender can come as a Virtual Appliance, Defender Appliance, Cloud/Storage Gateway, and Fully Hosted.

Cloud/Storage Gateway – Built a super-Defender, 48GB, 2U, fast RAID, etc. a very very big box, but now the searches happen locally, but the data sits on a SAN. Very very nice.

Can be setup in lots of ways. Can be integrated directly with Exchange, or it can be the mail relay – that is an MX entry so all mail goes in and out through the Defender. Referred to as the guardian for the relay.

Priced based on appliance, not per account.


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