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Jay Kay Event – Day One

May 3, 2013

Jay Kay Systems held their annual technology conference at the Banff Centre May 3/4, 2013. On the first day, Friday, we had the opportunity to listen to a number of manufacturer presentations. This post is my summary of my notes.

Now publicly held RKUS
183% market share growth.
A number of key strengths: Beamflex steering – choosing the best way to make it work. AP’s have a lot of capacity compared to competitors. Beamforming – adaptive antennas and beamforming working together. Putting both together can improve by up to 9dB. In plain English – more people can get more data faster….

Channelfly – predictive capacity management that uses statistical modelling to choose the best “RF channel space”

AP’s and ZoneDirector can now do some real-time spectral analysis…

Device Identification – Single SSID for guest access & BYOD Registration. Can install client profile on the device for both unencrypted access and secure access.

Can enforce policies based on type of device – very cool. And a number of other things like time, ssid, keys, authentication, etc.

Ruckus Mobile Apps

Fortinet – Michelle Balderson

Fortinet brought some cases of Coke!!! And a blender and a popcorn maker

Main R&D and TAC in Vancouver – more employees in Canada, than the rest of the globe. Over 1 Million appliances have been delivered!

Fourth largest security vendor in the world. 6.0% of market.

What is a blended threat?

Michelle did a very effective presentation about blended threats by bringing everyone some tinfoil, bottles of Coke, and Menthos. Then she had a blender to talk about blended threats.

Fortinet does everything and all included. In theory this makes it easier for us, because we can have one device that does it all, instead of multiple devices.

However Fortinet also has other specific appliances – FortiDDos, FortiAuthenticator, FortiAP, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, FortiMail, FortiWeb, FortiDB, FortiScan, FortiSwitch, VM – All based on FortiOS and FortiASIC

The various FortiGate devices differ only in types and number of ports, and throughput capacity.

Own the patent for twisted pair. Build infrastructure, structured cable. Just announced CAT8 – 40GB on copper.

Manufacture around the world – copper, fibre, patch panels. Really anything that runs data, they do the physical layer.

75% of the top 100 global companies

Really need something to document where everything is, where it goes, what it does.
Systimax iPatch
Configuration Management

Automated documentation
Networked device discovery
Location mapping
Floor plan integration
Real time infrastructure reports

Incident Management
Real time detection of changes
Switch port status monitoring
Intrusion detection
Event notification
Integration with external devices

Change Management
Electronic work orders
Advanced technician guidance
Intelligent service provisioning
Intelligent server deployment
Process Integration.

Can build it around a building floorplan so you know exactly where everything is.
Adds about 15% to the cost of a typical patch panel

Eaton Industries – Power Quality Division Founded in 1911 by J.O. Eaton
Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio
More than 130,000 employees worldwide

Electrical makes up 50% of the company, but also part of automotive, truck, aerospace, hydraulic

#1 in UPS suppliers globally for solutions above 5kva
#2 among UPS suppliers globally

3 Main UPS Power Solutions
3 series – power failure
5 series –
9 series – clean power – double conversion

9130 up to a 2U Rackmount 3kVA
9170 3-18kVA floor model

Eaton management software:
vCenter plug-in!!


Archiving Mail – why?
Escape the pst nightmare
Gives you the ability to restore your mail server for disaster recovery (Could restore from the appliance)
Cut e-discovery costs
Freedom to keep a “lean” mail server
Todd’s note: backing up a full mail server takes so long, the backup may be too old by the time it has finished…

ArcMail Defender
All in one appliance
Secure Data Storage
RAID fault tolerance with hot swap drivers
Redundant power supplies
Individual email can’t be deleted or altered.
Backup to network storage
Multiple Retention Policies
User level security and permissions
Daily Status and real-time reporting
Web based user interface
Fast/comprehensive search capabilities

No per-seat licensing

Now has a Virtual Instance Deployment – VM to replace appliance.

Todd’s note: I wonder, can you set it so that all mail on your exchange server older than 30 days is deleted, and you must pull it from the archive? Hmmmm. Will have to ask.

ArcMail Guardian: Google Apps Archiving Appliance

  • Archives and indexes all emails associated with Google Apps accounts, including the free version for EDU

Burton Crosby
Sr. Sales Engineer

Amazing and great stuff. Express Fault Tolerant Servers, lots of storage options, and now NEC Programmable Flow networking. OpenFlow – Open Network Foundation Member.
Burton did a great job of covering a lot of information without taking a very long time to do it. Thanks Burton.

Lots of overall big picture. HP works all over and covers the whole gambit from servers to networking to storage to software – one company – can do the whole game.

Currently HP is still #2 in market share in networking, with approximately 12% marketshare. However they are one of only two with double digit market share.

Lots of 2011 slides… Hmmm, hopefully things are still on the upswing… Why no 2012, or 2013?

Oops. Spoke too soon.. Gartner Magic Quadrant 2013 – Datacenter – HP in Visionaries, trying to break into leaders – no one in Leaders right now.

Driving Innovation Slide looks neat, but hasn’t been updated since 2011.

Focusing on Software Defined Networking this weekend.

Paul spent quite a bit of time talking about “Debunking the Myth of the Single-Vendor Network” – essentially saying “give HP a try in conjunction with your other equipment. Also reminded us a bit of the HP ExpertONE certifications. Talked about a number of the myths.

HP Intelligent Management Centre – single pane of glass.


also check out HP’s Youtube channel… They have a number of IMC videos.


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