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JTC Event 2013

May 2, 2013


Today is a fantastic day! It’s one of those twice-per-year opportunities to collaborate with my counterparts and so many people whom I look up to and respect, in one room! We are at Mount Royal, participating in a number of group sessions, listening to some excellent presentations, and learning from each other.

Started off with a really interesting quiz by Derek, showing some historical technology and seeing if we could recognize them. I’d completely forgotten what a Colleco system looked like! (Sheesh, I’m getting old) Sad when you recognize the hole punch for making double sided disks…

Information and presentations from today can be found at

Then we got to do some table work and discussion around the Learning and Technology Policy Framework (2013) updated document. Thanks Karen Andrews and Edna Dach for the work you’ve put into this. We had an excellent opportunity to debate the five policy directions as presented. Some fantastic dialogue and ideas from around the table! Huge thanks to those at my table that put up with me!

And of course a good-sized break was scheduled, so more chances to talk and learn. And the amazing folks at Timewise found a nice cold Coke for me – Wahoo!

Looking forward to the rest of the day!



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