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JTC Event 2013 – Supernet 2015 Consultation

May 2, 2013


SuperNet 2015 Consultation

Dave Hauschildt and Holly Saulou and Erwin Loewen

Okay, so basically this session felt like almost the same as the session in November. We’ll do some brainstorming together on what we are doing now, what we would like to do in the future, and how SuperNet can help. I’m not sure a whole lot was gained from this session, other than we got to visit and re-hash some things again. The entire session today was setup as a three different group discussion, all rotating and choosing different topics to debate. It was a little hard to hear with three different groups having discussions simultaneously. The rest of this post is just my notes from the session.

Holly: Continue to work with our SuperNet vendors on a daily basis the way we have been.

Holly introduced Steve who is here as a consultant to help gather information. Steve broke us up into three groups to gather some information.

Future: What do we see happening over the next 10 years?

  • Flexibility of teaching and learning. Any time and space, anywhere
  • Remove Predictability – Inconsistency, chaos
  • Touch and audio recognition. screens. 3D Holographics
  • Services taking on a utility feel
  • Personal Devices – everyone has some form
  • Continued Consumerization
  • Change in hardware
  • Will we need to even build wireless networks?

Needs to support this Future

  • Failover – will be required, not an option
  • Broadband – need to mitigate congestion, broadband everywhere, or localization of traffic
  • Last mile service in an equitable and economical way
  • The future is already starting.
  • Difficult to plan ahead further.

Todd’s Note: Feels like the same type of discussion we had pre-SuperNet. The difference is we now have fibre in the ground that we shouldn’t need to re-do.

Question: Are we using the full capacity of SuperNet at this point? We may be using the capacity that we have acquired, but likely not anywhere near real capacity of SuperNet.

If money was no object, how would we make it work. Non-profit group.

Really – this is a discussion around centralized or shared services.

As money is an object, cost recovery? Toll costs? Charge everyone? What if some can afford more or less?

Switch groups:

Working with Holly. Quick roundtable about size of jurisdictions – most people in this group represent smaller rural.

Who do we interact with?

Vendors, parents, schools, other school divisions, AB Ed, Post Secondaries, students, municipalities, health, libraries, RCMP, financial industry, teachers, staff.

What has changed in 10 years?
Insatiable need for access – everyone at once
More pieces of infrastructure using the same network. ie. surveillance, door locks, boilers
Student directed learning, more collaboration….
Students giving the answer and asking for the questions.
More hosted and shared services.
Remote support, remote deployment
Different disaster recovery.
Enhancing but not replacing
Cost & Flexibility
Hidden technology
Broadband allowing less than you can see.
Inspiring internal collaboration.
Automatic population of data – student registration.
Pay stubs -> paper -> e-mail -> direct deposit
Centralizing Services -> Active Directory/Deployment

What are we doing with Broadband currently?
Youtube – video streaming
Speech Pathologist
PD Promoted – but still people prefer in person
Just in time learning, asynchronous.

What happens if we don’t have broadband?
We no longer have a backup plan
Cloud other based – lose function
It’s hard to learn.
Less windshield time
Collaboration stops.
Always on, always available



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