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JTC Event 2013 – Microsoft Alliance

May 2, 2013

Microsoft Alliance
IT Optimization

Dave Hauschildt Introduction

Update: – 5 pillars on what an alliance may look like

  • Dual Course Accreditation
  • Digital Access
  • Provincial Licensing
  • Partners in Learning
  • IT Service Optimization

Microsoft – Greg Milligan

Support Options: Our Current Environment:

Unique to each school board
Break-fix with an anticipated resolution time

Focused on operational improvement
Drives community sharing
Aimed at maximizing value of software investments
Provides the opportunity to solve issues like disaster recovery, shared services, etc.

Greg talked about an example of a Reactive Partner Support Offering. Key part is pre-purchase incident resolutions. Interesting to hear about the Northern School Board group who do some group buys of “tickets” of support. General comments from the group suggest that 12 Microsoft calls per year would be way too many for a single jurisdiction, but sharing between multiple jurisdictions could have some advantages.

A Proactive solution:
Microsoft Premier Support (but very expensive)
Services Account Management (Relationship)
Support Assistance (Prevent)
Problem Resolution Support (Fix)

Can we take some elements of this and create an offering that appeals to Education?

Microsoft Premier Support
Proposed Engagement
Assume 20 school divisions enroll in the program

  • $10,000 per division to enroll in the program
  • Microsoft TAM meets with members regularly to plan out workshops, chalk talk sessions, webcasts
  • Funding will cover one 3-day hands-on workshop approximately every two months (5 per year)
  • Funding will also cover 6 Chalk Talk sessions and 5 Premier Online Webcasts
  • Workshop capacity of 16 attendees based on hands-on nature of the delivery
  • Chalk Talks and webcasts aren’t limited in the same way

Looks intriguing. More of a guarantee that courses would run, courses tailored to our situation, working with our peers. Dave H. says they may be able to operate similarly to how the ITIL, COBIT, etc. sessions that have been happening over the last three years.

Todd’s note: Following Twitter during the day, #jtcevent, you discover that another session is playing with LEGO while we’re doing serious work….



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    I would quickly run to the lego session!!

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