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Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

March 3, 2013

Today’s book: Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
Published in 2004 by St. Martin’s Press


I’ve read a couple of other Dan Brown books (The Da Vinci Code, Deception Point, and Angels and Demons) Really liked Deception Point and Angels and Demons – perhaps I’ll put together another post on those later.

Digital Fortress takes you into the NSA’s cryptography department. This highly secretive government run institution is responsible for cracking encryption technologies so that spies will know what the other side is thinking.

This fictional story finds us at the top of the cryptography foodchain with brilliant people who have the uncanny ability to do things no one else can, AND they have the moral compass to try to do what is right. One of the main characters, Susan, is a brilliant, high-IQ cryptography expert who is responsible for TRANSLATR, a top secret computer specially built to decrypt information faster than anything on the planet.

The story is about an apparent dis-satisfied smart programmer who wants to bring the computer and the head of NSA’s Cryptography dept down.

Mr. Brown writes an incredibly detailed book with many sub-stories that are related, but exactly how they are going to work out is well hidden until the end. I found myself unable to put it down once I was about half way through, and well, therefore I lost some sleep time! Overall I enjoyed this book. There were certainly a couple of small portions that did not need to be there, and did not enhance the overall story, but satisfies some readers carnal likes. However, unlike the Da Vinci Code, this Dan Brown book certainly makes me want to read another!


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  1. Ack, I couldn’t read your entire review, because I didn’t want to know what happens before I read it. This is my favourite author. Unlike Rowlings (thanks for that review) he tells a great story without the nasty stuff. Can’t wait to read this one. I find Sandra Brown also gets way to detailed for me. I really don’t need to be inside the killers head thank you.

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