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The Icarus Agenda – Robert Ludlum

January 9, 2013

Today’s Book: The Icarus Agenda by Robert Ludlum
Published in 1988 by Random House
Location: Todd’s library – can’t remember where I picked it up.


This is one monster of a book – 677 pages of a small typeface! Really, this is like three books in one. Mr. Ludlum tells us the story of Evan Kendrick, who really seems like your every-day man who just wants people to do the right thing, and treat people right.

The book starts with Evan trying to help the State Department (secretly), get some hostages released in Masqat. He is portrayed as a business man who just wants to do the right thing, and ends up as a multi-millionaire. After foiling the terrorist plot, he wants to return to anonymity. However a year later his legend begins, and people ask this congressman to run for the Presidency.

This is a fantastic book. It is filled with spies and covert operations, and then moves to United States politics around the President and various government departments. And all throughout the book, there is a shadowy group of people trying to influence their way through the world. I have read several of Mr. Ludlum’s books, and this is definitely one of my favourites. I am more than willing to lend it to you my wonderful readers – but I want it back too!

Robert Ludlum writes an incredible book filled with all kinds of “just around the corner we’ll learn something more”. It is espionage and good trying to overcome evil through and through.

Unfortunately Robert Ludlum passed away back in 2001, but some of his books that were written many years ago, are currently in the works for major motion pictures. His Bourne series have spawned an incredibly successful movie franchise.

Find this one, but make sure you have some time to read it!


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