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Pancake Making – Princess House Style

January 6, 2013

Did you know I am an expert pancake maker? Did you know that my kids love pancakes and especially Dad’s special thick pancakes? (It’s a secret recipe!)

So my sister Marilou, who is like one of the top Princess House sellers in Canada – maybe even the top, I don’t know, gave me a bunch of pancake making Princess House utensils for Christmas! So as a thank you to her, and because it’s fun, here is a blog post dedicated to Marilou, Princess House, and pancakes.

First we’ll start off by mixing the batter (from the Company’s Coming cookbook, recipe doubled (because they always want extra), and a quarter cup LESS milk than the recipe calls for. This makes them nice and thick). Here’s me mixing with my brand new Princess House mixer thingy!

And still mixing – want it to be mixed well, but a few lumps are okay!

Are we having fun yet?

Now I’ve pulled out my trusty handy dandy Princess House pancake forms. You have a circle, a cloud, a heart, and a star. (Circles are for those of you who are challenged to even make round pancakes. This set is for you. I’ve got the griddle warmed up, and we’re ready to make some awesome pancakes!

Now we’re filling up the forms with some batter, and ready for some pancake magic. Notice the one in the bottom left corner – it’s not in a form, and we’ve added some chocolate chips to the pancake, just pressing them in after pouring the batter on the griddle. We use the mini-chip-its – awesome! Even if you put too many in, still tastes great!

Now I’ve got my brand new and amazing Princess House spatula – it’s got a nice little tip on the corner just for getting under the pancake, and we’re ready to start flipping them over! Okay, small problem. Todd’s super thick pancake mix really doesn’t work well with the forms. The forms are idea for your typical pancake mix, and you have to make sure you don’t fill them too full. Whoops. That’s okay, they’re still going to turn out GREAT!

Pancakes are done, let’s see if the kids like them!20130106-173441.jpg

They are a hit! And look how cool the star pancake turned out! Thank you Marilou and thank you Princess House for some cool tools in the kitchen!

PS. I thought that my Princess House mixer thingy would be incredibly hard to wash… But no! I washed it in the sink with the rest of the dishes and the pancake batter came right off – it washed easy-peasy! This stuff rocks!


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  1. You are awesome my brother, what a fantastic little soap box ad you created!! Just WAIT till you try your 13″ nonstick!! Ooooh you’ll be SO in love!!

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