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Threat Vector – Tom Clancy

January 5, 2013

Today’s Book: Threat Vector by Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney
Published in 2012 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Location: Todd’s home library


I have been a huge Tom Clancy fans for many, many years. I have all of his books of the “Jack Ryan” series, that is the series of stories Mr. Clancy is most well-known for, and characters that span many books. The first one I read was Red Storm Rising, and I was hooked!

Why do I like his books? They are extremely detailed, and written with enough “current-day” information to make them somewhat plausible. Mr. Clancy’s depth of research into his subjects shows, and his books tend to be HUGE! (And I like big books).

His latest book, Threat Vector is very excellent. It is a story of China secretly developing cyber war weapons in an effort to expand their own territory, and make a mockery of the United States. Jack Ryan has been put back into the White House as President, and the secret organization he founded, the Campus, where his son works (much to the President’s chagrin), may become public. The characters we have grown to love – John Clark, Ding Chavez, Mary Pat Foley, Arnie, are all here, with many others.

The story goes to great pains to explain how it is possible, and the characters lives easily become intermingled, and coincidences happen which allow everything to work together.

I am a fan of following political intrigue, technological prowess, military campaigns, and spy skullduggery – and this book has it all. I had a very very hard time putting it down, and a number of nights while I was reading it found me still reading long after midnight.

Definitely this book is worth your time to read – all 835 pages of it. I must say, that I am a little fearful that Tom Clancy is retiring from writing, as the characters in the book are aging, although he has left the door open to continue with Jack Ryan Jr. as a principal character.

But if he does retire, this was a great book to finish with!


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  1. Jason Binns permalink

    These are may favorite authors – becuase I too like the spy, espionage books. I have found Tom Clanceys to be a bit too the same old lately, but this is a new twist for him…I would not mind borrowing this if you so desire.

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